Didi’s 1st Birthday!

This is such an overdue post!!! I’ve been kept busy these two months with me being back at work, Naomi starting a new daycare centre with Dylan and Dylan being sick on & off! Life is crazy hectic almost everyday but always fulfilling at the end of the day.

We celebrated Dylan’s FIRST birthday last month! Can’t believe he’s ONE already!! It still feels like yesterday that I just had my newborn baby. And really, it feels like my second baby’s growing up sooooo fast compared to my first one!

We had friends and family and Dylan’s Godparents come celebrate his special day with us. We enjoyed everyone’s company so much and I’m glad that everyone went home with a full belly that day, hahaha!

Prepping for a party is so. much. work. though! I’m glad I don’t have to plan for one anytime soon 😂

DIY-ed their party hats with materials from Spotlight!

Didi enjoying his birthday cupcake! I baked them especially for him (egg-free recipe) ‘cos of his egg allergy.

Dylan, you’re growing up way too fast and way too soon! Mummy pray that you’ll grow to be healthier and stronger 💪🏻 for you fall sick way too often! We love you so, so very much!!! Please don’t be so small gas and fake cry everytime your sister touches you, lol! And keep smiling and laughing for you bring so much joy into our lives 😍😘

Now, time for me to look back at his baby pics from a year ago to this day! 😢

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小"Jay Chou"?

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Dylan is 2 months old today!!!! 🎉🎉And man, dare I say, it's easier to put him to bed at night these days! I had been struggling with his sleeping pattern before this because he's a very light sleeper and he will wake up every hour at night for a feed. Not forgetting to mention, the whining and crying within 5 minutes of me putting him back to his cot after a feed. So, I basically have to repeat this for numerous times until he finally settles down for a "deeper" sleep, which only lasts for an hour 😭😭 On nights when I really can't take it anymore, he gets to lie down on papa's chest and sleep 🙊 And he lovesssss it! Sleep issues aside, he is slowly getting more interactive these days!! LOVE, love, love his cooing whenever he's awake and alert and sees our familiar faces… 😘 Oh, oh and his rolls!!! 🥐😍I must show them off come the warmer months hahahaha!!

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Happy 7 months old my darling Dylan!!! 🎉7️⃣🈷️🍼My sweet boy has 2 cutesy teeth now and is still chewing every thing he can get his hands on like crazy!! Loves his food and drinking water from a spoon! He is also more aware of unfamiliar faces around him now and constantly seeks out for me or daddy when someone else is carrying him, haha! Separation anxiety is real too these days I find myself lugging him with me everywhere I go or he’ll scream his head off. Other than that, he’s a really happy and chilled out baby! Please stay this way, my sweet, sweet child!! I feel a tug in my heart these days when I think about how much closer you are to you turning one… Nevertheless, you are forever close to mama’s heart ❤️

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Happy 9 months old my darling boy!!! 🎉 Look at how much you’ve grown! You were inside mummy’s belly for 9 months just 9 months ago.🤰🏻How time flies… You’ve got FOUR little teeth now, which is awfully cute! But I’m not sure if I like the biting that comes with them! 😩 My poor shoulder 🤧 You’re such a curious little monkey right now and gosh, do you crawl. I’m certain that at this pace, you’ll be standing up by yourself without any support very soon! Wishing you would stay a baby for a little longer. For I’m going to miss this stage of you very much! And that baby scent of yoursssss… 😍😍 #exceptionpostonlentseason #becausemysonis9monthsoldtoday #andbecauseitsmybirthday #backtofastingtata

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Pamper Me Time

Hello blog, it’s been a while and I’m here for my monthly update again. On the very last day of this month nonetheless.

The previous two weeks have been really trying and challenging for me as the kids were both sick. Gosh, it was just so bad some nights that I just wanna bang my head on the wall or something. I was super over it, cursing under my breath a gazillion times and wondering if anyone would want to take the crying baby away from me. I also felt like I was the worst mother on earth because my babies were sick and here I am feeling all sorry for myself, getting all angst up because they were clingy and wanted ONLY ME as their source of comfort.

Sometimes I feel like I’m going all “Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde” ‘cos I’m super short-tempered when it comes to waking up to feed at night. But come morning, I’ll feel super guilty and shower my baby with lots of love and kisses and affection.


Well, the good thing is, the kids are well now. After all those crazy hospital and clinic runs by myself with the kids, numerous hand-washing, cuddles, kisses and whatnot, they’re finally well now. I can finally take a breather and treat myself to some special “me-time”!

I was gifted a voucher for a floating session with Beyond Rest by friends about two and a half years ago during Naomi’s full moon party. 2.5 years ago and I just never found the time or the opportunity to be able to squeeze in an hour of a pamper session for myself. And so, I finally decided to do it before I start heading back to work next week. I was so lucky that they decided to honour the gift card still after such a long time, hahahaha!



I walked in being greeted by a very calming and “zen” atmosphere. Loved it! I was quite tensed that day to be honest as it was Dylan’s first full day at daycare and so I couldn’t help but worry about him all day!


This was my float pod! It’s super cool and looks ultra-modern/alien-ish.

I started the float not being able to fully relax myself but eventually with time, I did. I think I might have fallen asleep too ‘cos my mind just went blank for a period of time.

It definitely felt as if I spent less than 60 minutes in there. I wouldn’t mind it if I could spend a little extra time in there but just not this time – I was rushing off to pick up my babies instead!

I am really glad that I actually went for this float session. I finally had some time for myself. And for that one hour, I didn’t have to be someone’s mum or someone’s wife. I just had to be ME.

Being a mum and wife is part of my identity, just as I’m a daughter and sister. They’re all a part of me. But they don’t define who I am wholly. Before I was a mother and a wife, I was just myself. I had my own hobbies and interests too. And sometimes I just feel like I’ve lost touch with those things for far too long.

And this one hour has somehow connected me with myself for a bit that day.

Invisalign Update

Just a quick one tonight, hehehehehe…… 🤓

Week 1 versus Week 13:

12 wks into Invisalign

I’m so impressed with the progress!!! It’s a huge difference already isn’t it? I just LOVE doing comparison photos showing the ‘before and after’, hahahaha!

The top row of my teeth should be fully straight at around week 27 whereas my bottom row’s treatment will take around 47 weeks in total.

In hindsight, I really should have done this sooner!


Oh dear, have I just turned another year older again? 😅

Had a really simple celebration at home this year with my humble little family. ☺️ Mr S cooked dinner for us – his staple dish, chicken & mushroom risotto. It was so, so, so, so good.

We also had a birthday cake this year!!! And Mr S handmade the cute bunting cake topper for the cake 😍 It was a sponge cake with durian flesh & cream and it was simply delicious!

Birthday cake


With my babies

Felt so, so happy having the chance to hold each of my babies in my arms while Mr S and Naomi sang me the birthday song 😚

Most of all, I want to thank my mum, for giving birth to me this day, 30+3  years ago!!! The amount of pain she must have had to endure in order to give birth to me. And all the love, sweat and pain to raise me as a child to who I am today. All these, I will never, ever be able to repay her. Thank you, Ma!

Now, what wise words do I have for myself this year?

Live healthier.

I have recently developed this unhealthy craving for sugar ever since I started drinking sweet drinks during dinner. T_T I’d like to gradually get rid of this habit.

Also, I haven’t been exercising for way too long. I went back to badminton twice and would LOVE to be able to do this more often. I’m hoping the kids would be sleeping better at night so I could go back to my weekly or fortnightly badminton sessions.

I’d also like to cook more home-cooked meals ‘cos A) it saves money and B) it’s healthier!

Be more patient.

I feel guilty each time I lose my shit with the kids and with Mr S.

With Mr S, I used to hold grudges whenever we argued and sometimes I’d still be mad at him the very next day. But now that I’m no longer a silly, irrational young adult anymore, it’s time I grow up and finally learn to “forgive and forget”.

With the kids, needless to say, they’re just children. They’re still learning what’s right and what’s wrong. I, the adult here, should have MORE patience, so I can teach them about patience. It’s okay for them to make mistakes and rile me up (that’s what kids do to their parents anyway). So, I’d like to remind myself to be more patient and gentle with them.

Find time for myself.

It’s so important to get in touch with myself. Having stayed at home for the past 3 years plus (excluding the brief time I went back to work) because I was either busy being pregnant or breastfeeding or taking care of a toddler, I hardly have time for myself anymore. But I’d like to see a change in that now that Dylan’s gradually learning to become more independent.

I’ve started doing some gardening once again. YASSSS!!! I’ve neglected my plants for way too long and it’s time to pay them some much needed attention. I’d love to slowly put together pots and bowls of beautiful succulents bit by bit. And I want to get a calamansi lime tree for our backyard!

Declutter & organize.

I have to get on with my decluttering tasks. I need to find time to get rid of clothes I no longer wear or hardly wear by either donating them or binning the ones that are too worn out. I do this every now and then but haven’t done so in a while now.

I wanna start organizing things better too, be it in the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. Our place is quite small so having things lying around really makes the place look cluttered and messy.

Less screen time on the phone.

Pretty self-explanatory ‘cos too much time on the phone takes me away from time spent with my family, myself, and actually getting things done.

Last but not least,

Sleep when I can.

My body and mind need rests. So I can function better when I’m awake and alert.

So off I go now.



Happy Year of the Dog 2018!

Happy Lunar New Year to all who’s celebrating!!! 🏮

This year, I’m celebrating the new year with a new member in the family – my gorgeous baby boy, Dylan!!

With the kiddos

My heart is so full ❤️

CNY Portrait Day 1

Our family portrait on the second day of Chinese New Year. It actually felt more like the first day of CNY ‘cos it was a Saturday and Mr S didn’t have to work so we could dress up and go visiting, hehehehe…

Day 1 of CNY

Love, love, love this qipao my aunt bought her from Hong Kong. She wore it for CNY as well last year but it fits her much better this year.

Naomi at the dentist

She went to a dental appointment with me in the morning and my dentist was so nice to do a quick general check up for her on the spot right after I was done! My brave little girl wasn’t scared of the dentist at all. Hooray for nailing her first dental check up!

CNY Portrait Day 2

Second day of CNY visiting! Also had a couple of friends over for CNY tidbits and cakes. So glad that the late night bakings are finally over! 💆🏻‍♀️

Naomi with lions

Brought the kids to watch a lion dance performance at St Thomas More this morning. It was Naomi’s second but I doubt she remembered the first at all ‘cos she was only 2 months old then and was fast asleep in the pram hahahahaha! She really enjoyed it this time. She even got to ‘feed’ the lion a red packet, hehehehe…

I’ve been trying to get her to speak Mandarin, teaching her simpler words such as animal names but I don’t think she has any clue at all, lol! Her pronunciation’s really funny and she really sounds like an angmoh trying to speak Mandarin!

Update on my Invisalign progress!!

CNY selfie

This is me after five sets of aligners!! (Note: Filtered photo. Sadly, I look nothing like this in real life HAHA!)

6 wks into Invisalign

Real, unfiltered photos (Day 1 vs. Week 6). I can really see the difference when I place the photos side by side!! Can you? I also think I lost a bit of weight. Maybe it’s just the flash though. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Dylan’s Sleeping Routine…

Praise and thank you Lord! Dylan’s sleeping pattern is much, MUCH better now! I was just reading my last post just then and realized how depressed I was just a month ago over his bedtime crankiness and unsettled behavior.

I was just trying my luck every night. Trying different things and routines to see if it would help him settle himself to sleep better and I guess I finally hit the jackpot and we’ve finally found out what works for us! He’s still not sleeping through the night but I’m just so, so glad that there are no more crazy tantrums before bedtime and that he can now sleep for 3-4 hours straight as compared to the past 1 hour intervals. 🙂

Newfound Freedom!!

Because of this, I now have my newfound freedom every night after he goes to bed. After bathing and cleaning the dirty dishes and tidying up the kitchen and play area, I get at least an hour or two ALL TO MYSELF!!!

I’ve been keeping myself busy with Sims 4, even finishing Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan (GASPS!). I’m currently the last on the reservation queue for China Rich Girlfriend.

By the way, is it just me or does time passes super quickly when you’re spending time by yourself?! It’s bizarre!!!

Dreaming About Maldives

Happy New Year, guys!! 🎆 Can’t believe it’s almost the end of the first month of 2018 already.

It’s gonna be Chinese New Year in less than three weeks’ time. Unfortunately, we’re not flying back to celebrate CNY back in Miri again this year. Hope those of you who are will have a fantastic time though!

So, I’ve finally, finally, FINALLY taken the time to compile a short video about our honeymoon in Maldives close to three and a half years ago, hahahahahahaha!!! 🤣 It’s more like snippets of our snorkelling experience in the Indian Ocean though.

We went looking for a whale shark in the ocean but luck was not on our side. We didn’t see any. 😢 We saw manta rays though throughout our stay there and they’re sooooo magnificent!!! But we were too chickened out to dive into the ocean and swim with it ‘cos the water was really, really deep at the end of the jetty. I just wasn’t brave enough or game enough to do the whole YOLO thing, boohoo!! 😩 We saw sea turtles too but didn’t manage to take any videos of them. We did, however, come across this awesome stingray right under our water villa!!! Said stingray is featured in the video so do have a lookout for it!

Had a major desire to go back while I was editing the mini clips for this video. 😭 Seriously need another vacation like this soon… Dylan’s separation anxiety is really driving me up the wall these days 😞 I dread night time to come every day because I know I’m going to have to deal with a screaming, anxious baby the whole night. The other night, he would wake up every forty minutes and I was this close to snapping. I told Kin I really wanna bang my head against the wall or throw the baby out. 🤬 I really, really hope that this phase will be over soon… 🙏

Miri Trip 2017

Hiiii!! I’m updating my blog, yay! 🤓

We’re back from our short trip back to Miri and our lives are back to routine once again here in Perth.

We had a really splendid time back home! My bro’s wedding was amazinggggg… 🤩 Loved spending time with my family and meeting up with some friends! And the foooooooddddd. That itself is self-explanatory, hahahaha!!

I took heaps of photos during our trip. Mostly of the food I ate, HAHA! 🤤 A couple of friends threatened to unfollow me on Instagram because of the food pics I posted in my stories every day. 😜

The kids had a terrific time too. Every day was filled with warm hugs and kisses and cuddles. 😍😘

Flying with two kids though, was EXHAUSTING. And we weren’t exactly doing long-haul flights. 😐 Our transit in Singapore was for 6 hours. We arranged this on purpose just so we could give the kids a break, feed them, change them then freshen them up for the next flight. But MAN! We were totally beat!!! We took the midnight flight to Singapore and couldn’t catch a wink at all on the plane ‘cos didi had to be taken out of the bassinet every time the seat belt sign was on and for taking off and landing. After moving him a couple of times and with him absolutely hating it, I resolved to just holding him to sleep in my arms. But I had to stay awake to make sure that he doesn’t slide off my arms and fall to the ground. 😓

The awesome thing though, was that Singapore Airlines staff and crew members were sooooooo good and accommodating. Our whole experience from queuing up at the airport for our check-in to our landing was impeccable! I don’t know if it’s because we were traveling with kids but they just made us feel so at ease traveling with kids 😌 (except when the kids themselves are not co-operating).

Okay, next is to spam you with some photos, hehehehehe… I’ve taken more than a hundred photos back home but I’ll just selectively post some here.



Our first night back in Miri. Dinner to celebrate mum’s belated birthday!


At my brother’s church wedding ceremony.


My sister, myself and my cousin, Charlotte. Posting this ‘cos all of us looked so pretty here HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 😂





Naomi with her uncle & aunties… 🍭 Enjoying her very first lollipop!

Oh, oh, oh!! And I scored a date with Mr S one afternoon!!! My sister is a true GEM for babysitting both my kids for a couple of hours hehehehehe… It has been soooo long since we last had a date I actually felt quite shy at first HAHAHAHA!!! 😳

Honestly, it’s so important to reconnect after you’ve had kids. We still managed to do movie nights when we only had Naomi as we have a few hours every night after putting her to sleep. But now that we have two kids, it’s so much harder to do so. I’m usually exhausted by 9pm and all I wanna do is climb into bed and either scroll through my phone (worst activity before bedtime by the way), read a book, or sleep.

I think Dylan’s bedtime routine is getting slightly better now though. It’s taking a shorter amount of time to settle him to sleep now so I’m finding myself some extra time to spare before bedtime. UNFORTUNATELY, Mr S got a new game from his friends for his birthday so he’s busy trying to finish the game now. Boohoo to no movie nights yet again. But hooray for spare time in updating my blog, I guess? 🤔

Also, I finally had the chance to chop off my crazy thick hair!!! Felt soooo good and light afterwards. Gotta love short hair as it saves me costs on shampoo and conditioner and time spent on drying my hair! I wanted this length ‘cos I really like it when it’s slightly wavy but that means I’ll need to be very diligent in curling them. So far, I’ve failed miserably hahahaha! Should’ve known better! But I think a simple bob looks nice too anyway. 😝


Had the opportunity to meet up with some high school friends (C Seng not pictured in here)!!! Really appreciate them making the effort to meet up. It’s been 15 years since we graduated (GASP!) and I’m very grateful that we’re still able to do this. 😊

Last but not least, we were very blessed to have a simple early birthday celebration for Naomi!!! We had Mr S’s family come over and join us for mum’s cooked dinner. Naomi the lucky girl was showered with love, wishes and presents from everyone! 😍

All in all, all of us enjoyed the trip very much! A trip to Miri is always something we look forward to. Hopefully, we’ll get to plan another trip soon!

My Little Angel

I have both kids at home with me today and it was actually a rather fun day. We went to the church’s playgroup mid-morning, as we always do every Thursday. Then, we dropped by my aunty’s place to visit my cousin and had microwave lunch together, haha! They both behaved really, really well so it was a no sweat, no drama morning 😌

The both of them napped almost as soon as we got home. Naomi napped for 3.5 hours!! Didi took a while longer to fall asleep and didn’t sleep for as long. But I myself also managed to lie down and shut my eyes for a bit so that was a big plus!

Come evening, Mr S finally got home from work. I decided to give him a break today and bathe Naomi myself instead. It’s been a while since I last bathed her anyway so I thought it’d be a nice thing to do.

As I was washing her, she noticed that my knuckle was a bit red. I wasn’t actually hurt or anything. It was just reddish for some reason. Then this conversation ensued:

Naomi: (Pointing at my knuckle) Oh no!! What happened to mama’s hand? It’s ouchie!

Me: Oh… it’s nothing.

Naomi: (Pauses. Then said) Be careful, mama…

Oh mannnn…… my heart!!! She is just so, so sweet at times. It makes all the crazy and tearful days worthwhile!!! 😍💓💕💞


Fiona shared this MV with me this morning and oh! Them feels…

I’m Spent

Today is one of those days where I feel completely exhausted, drained out, sucked dry and utterly under-appreciated.

I want to scream. I want to cry. But I can’t; the tears won’t flow. And the angst in me doesn’t subside.

A big hug may do wonders to my tired soul right now. But it’s been a while since I’ve been held for that extra assurance.

Deep breath, Jess. A mother is strong.

I have been. I think. I’ve tried hard. Up until now. I just want to curl up in bed and let the tears flow now. In silence.