Twinny’s Trip to Perth

Hi everyone!! I know my blog URL has changed numerous times before this and I know that it can get pretty annoying when I’m doing it so often, but this time, I actually PAID to get this modified template on WordPress so it’ll be a waste if I leave this site idle and continue updating on blogspot. So there you go, welcome to my new site!

And lucky you, I’m actually in the mood tonight to post a long, piccy-full update of Doris’ Twinny‘s trip to Perth!¬†Too bad the weather was so bad for the first couple of days. We basically had heavy rain for 3 or 4 days and only 1 sunny day!

The Food

Brekkie at Dome
Breakfast at Dome

Our first breakfast after picking up Doris from the airport. Everyone was very tired and sleepy. Fi and I were in our PJs so no photos hahahaha! Continue reading Twinny’s Trip to Perth