Twinny’s Trip to Perth

Hi everyone!! I know my blog URL has changed numerous times before this and I know that it can get pretty annoying when I’m doing it so often, but this time, I actually PAID to get this modified template on WordPress so it’ll be a waste if I leave this site idle and continue updating on blogspot. So there you go, welcome to my new site!

And lucky you, I’m actually in the mood tonight to post a long, piccy-full update of Doris’ Twinny‘s trip to Perth! Too bad the weather was so bad for the first couple of days. We basically had heavy rain for 3 or 4 days and only 1 sunny day!

The Food

Brekkie at Dome
Breakfast at Dome

Our first breakfast after picking up Doris from the airport. Everyone was very tired and sleepy. Fi and I were in our PJs so no photos hahahaha!

Food I missed out on - Dimsum & Corica's apple strudel *teary eyes
Food I missed out on - Dimsum & Corica's apple strudel *teary eyes

Poor me was at the office when they headed out for dimsum & apple strudel the next day. Why do I have to go to work? 😦

Dinner at Ciao Italia
Dinner at Ciao Italia

I had dinner at Ciao Italia 3 times for 3 weeks in a row! They serve by far, the best Italian pastas in Perth that I know of so if you’re in Perth one day, you gotta try them!

Lunch at Tony Roma's
Lunch at Tony Roma's

It’s my first time to dine at Tony Roma’s. Had original baby back ribs with coleslaw & mashed potatoes as sides. Bailey’s cheesecake for dessert. Yum yum!

We witnessed a fight at Hay Street after that. A middle-aged couple was dragging a teenage girl (I think she’s the daughter) across the street and trying to push her into a car but the girl was resisting and screaming. Crowds began to form and circle around them and Doris suggested we should help or at least call the cops. Then she asked a bystander if anyone called the cops yet and she said yes. Then the police cars came and the policemen took the girl away while the mum cried at the side. So kelian… And I just stood there without helping. The typical Malaysian spirit sigh…… “Watch but don’t get involved.”

Lunch at Cicerello's
Lunch at Cicerello's


Little Ceasars Pizzeria in Mundaring
Little Caesars Pizzeria in Mundaring

Meng drove us all the way to Mundaring for the “World’s Best Pizza” in Little Caesars Pizzeria. Was it up to our expectation? YES! The pizzas were de-li-cious! No wonder Han goes there like 3 times a week despite it being a 45 minutes drive ONE-WAY that is. 😯

It was freeeezing cold that night we were wrapped up in layers of clothes but still shivering our ass off!! Fi reckons I look like Fatimah with my hoodie on, HAHAHA!

Thai Corner Restaurant
Thai Corner Restaurant

Dinner at the Thai Corner Restaurant on Doris’ last night here. The main dishes were quite spicy, nevertheless they tasted good.

The Zoo

Caversham Wildlife Park
Caversham Wildlife Park

We went to Caversham Wildlife Park and did the usual touristy thingy, hehehehe… Doris got to see many Aussie animals for the first time.

We NEVER saw a kangaroo’s pouch before and we got to see the real thing this time. And it got pretty gross when we got up close! Doris and I think it looks like a female you-know-what, ewwwwwsssss…….

Doris and I got to milk a cow for the very first time as well and I have to tell you, a cow’s nipple is pretty rough and rubbery, LOL. The last photo is of a shearer shearing a sheep for wool.

Hitting the Club


Night Out at The Brisbane Hotel
Night Out at The Brisbane Hotel

We hit the club at night. I was red after 1 pint, tied my hair up, and started looking like Fa Mu Lan (as per Fi & Doris). We all had fun that night and thank God I didn’t puke like I did during Chinese New Year 😛

The Shopping



Didn’t do much of a shopping but we managed to drop by Harbour Town and the city on 2 different days. We also met up with Sze Yin and Eric for a short 10 minutes conversation and took some photos haha.

I think that’s all for now. Will continue the rest of the entry some other day. This is already a veryyy long post and I think I should go shower and head to bed now. Goodnight!


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7 thoughts on “Twinny’s Trip to Perth”

  1. haha..Twinny!! Ur 1st post is about MOI!! HooHoo…so Ngam One~
    Neehooo..I’m back in Miri now..missing U all and still tons of gratitude to u all for keeping me company and making Perth so FUN!!:)
    This post shall be my personal journal then..haha coz I dun have enough time to blog bout it just yet.



    1. hewwoo!!! yeaaa we miss u too! u left ur hairband at our place. and wing kin says u left ur tomatoes in our fridge as well and that we can send them back to u if u want, HAHAHHA! 😀


      1. haha..ask wingkin to eat the tomato..its my gift for him.
        ya…isnt it just very typical of me to leave stuff behind? u use it la…if u want it. ehhe


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