Poppy Red Mary Janes

Poppy Red Mary Janes

Finished knitting myself a pair of Poppy Red Mary Janes yesterday. I absolutely love them! They’re keeping my feet warm this winter 🙂 Those little holes are eyelets for my feet to breathe when I’m not wearing socks, lol.

Oh, I can fit in my 24″ Sass & Bide without struggling like a wild boar now, yay!!!

Wing Kin is flying home tonight. Shh, don’t tell anyone ‘cos it’s supposed to be a surprise for his family. Chu said, 小别不如新婚. I hope I won’t miss him too much this time. Might not be able to help it though since he hasn’t booked his return ticket yet so I don’t know how long he’s gonna stay there for. 1 week? 2 weeks? A month?

Le sigh…


R.I.P. M.J.

Today, the King of Pop died. I never thought he’d die at such a young age. I can’t really say that I grew up listening to his songs, but I certainly know that he changed the world with his songs and musical abilities.

No one will ever forget you. Rest in Peace, M.J. You are always remembered.

Season Change

Winter '09

Summer ’08

Autumn ’09

Winter ’09

Spring ’09

Time for a mid-year review?

  • Passed my tax unit! THANK GOD!!!
  • Gained and subsequently lost weight, heh.
  • Learned how to knit! One of the things I’m passionate for these days.
  • … Stuck at the fourth point and had absolute no clue of what else I did for the past 6 months.

I’m Not Young Anymore

You know that you’re old when you suddenly discover the blog of your former piano teacher’s youngest kid whom you used to hang out with; when you were 12, and she was probably 5.

And just 5 minutes ago, you were staring at the photos she posted on her blog. She’s a few feet taller now, with long hair and big girly eyes. And man she’s got boobs!! She’s grown up so much – from the little girl who used to tickle and giggle with you many, many years ago, into a fine young lady. 

If she’s a young lady now, what does that make you? What does that make me?


Will I Make It?

I’m dreading for the next half an hour to pass. Gosh, I hate having to go through this! Why did I put myself here at the first place? This is not what I want. This is nothing like what I want.

Gah, this torture. This mental torture is eating me up bit by bit, gnawing my sanity. Arghhhh!!!

Edit: This is unbelievable, but I passed. What a miracle!!!!!! Time for celebration?

My New Little Corner

My Little Corner

This is my new favorite spot in our cosy little apartment. New sofa and footstool from Ikea. In order not to incur any delivery cost, we had to squeeze in this not-too-long-but-too-long-for-my-Jazz sofa into the Jazz, and also made sure it was safe enough to drive so we don’t get stopped by the cops. It sounds easy but really, it’s not. We had 1/4 of the sofa sticking out of the back of the car. We couldn’t close the back door, so we ended up tying the door down with an extra seat belt! And I had to hold on to the sofa from the front seat to make sure it doesn’t fall out of the car and hit some innocent stranger’s car, hahahaha.

We managed to get home safely without doing any damage to other cars nor getting spotted by the police. But, that was not all! We had to carry this extremely heavy sofa up TWO flights of stairs! Thank God a neighbor saw us and came to help us ‘cos I definitely wouldn’t be able to help Kin get it up to our floor.

Today the owner came over to remove the previous sofa bed and we now have a whole new sofa which fits fantastically! It’s giving the living more space and it’s much more comfortable compared to the previous one, I just love it!

Sunday Morning at Hillary’s Harbour

We took a drive to Hillary’s Harbour last weekend for brunch. Don’t you just love weekends? Not having to wake up early to go to work! I hate it when it’s raining on a weekday because I don’t get to snuggle in bed and let the rhythm of the rain lull me into a deeper slumber. Boohoo! Well, I got to sleep in late last weekend hehe but I hate to admit that I did feel like I’ve wasted half the day already. It’s getting dark so early these days (it’s winter now)! It’s already dark when I get off work in the evening and it feels like 9pm instead of 5. Soon there’ll be constant rainy, stormy, and chilly days coming and I’ll be psyching myself to fall sick so I don’t have to go to work. *Sigh*

Anyways, why do I go astray from the main topic so easily? Heh. The weather on Sunday was perfect for an open-top drive up north – sunny yet cooling. I tried snapping photos in the car by stretching my hands up high but all I got were distorted shots which don’t really make sense.

Drive to Hillary's

I know you don’t see people walking their dogs, jogging, or cycling in this photo but I actually saw soooo many of them it felt like I was on vacation island! Sooo beautiful and relaxing! And those beach houses…… Sigh…. How did these people get so rich to afford houses by the beach? I’m working full-time now and I can’t even afford a 40-year old house now 😦


We had breakfast at Dome.

Breakfast with Megan Fox

With Megan Fox. 😎

This coming weekend we’re going hunting for a new sofa, hehehe. The owner has agreed to remove the current very-uncomfortable-and-ugly-looking-sofa-bed next Monday. We’re also getting a new microwave for free since the current one is not working anymore. New household equipments, woohoo! Please tell me I’m not turning auntie-ish.

Fern by Midas

Went out shopping with Ceci today in the city. I’m proud to announce that I went home empty-handed this time, hehe. I’m starting to believe that I do have a high level of self control when I’m determined. It certainly wasn’t easy looking at all the pretty dresses, jeans, and shoesssss all afternoon knowing that I can afford them, but instead, choosing not to buy them. Getting my first credit card just 2 weeks ago doesn’t really help too!

Ceci went home with $400+ worth of goods, I went home with empty hands and a burning desire for THIS:

Fern by MidasFern by Midas

It has a golden zip at the back of the shoes that is not visible in this photo. Either that or I just can’t find a photo with the golden zip. They’re just sizzlin’ sexy! It doesn’t look as sexy in this photo but when I tried it on, believe me, I felt like a supermodel. Ha! They would look absolutely gorgeous with jeans, dresses and leggings! I soooo want them!

The only thing that held me back from bringing them to the cash counter immediately was the price. These killer heels cost $278 and even with a 30% discount, it’s gonna cost me $194.60! No way am I getting another pair of shoes that’ll make me bleed.

BB Cream?

Has anyone heard of the BB cream so far? Apparently it’s a big hit in Korea, well actually, all over Asia now but I haven’t really paid attention to it until now. You can read about what BB cream is here as I’m lazy to go into the details myself. I’ve been googling and reading reviews of different brands of BB cream all morning and 99.99% if not 100% of the reviews say that this product is absolutely perfect for acne-prone skin. It also evens out uneven skin tone and minimize pores.

We’ve probably heard that a zillion times from every other skincare product so I don’t know if this is any different from the rest. BUT, I’m going to give it a try! My skin doesn’t have as much breakout as it did a year ago (thanks to Clinique & Chanel) but it’s still not pimple-free. It’s also a little bumpy and I have scars from previous breakouts. I’ve ordered my BB cream from eBay just half an hour ago. The product should arrive within these 2 weeks and hopefully a month later, I’ll be able to write a good review of it. 😉

Long weekend

It’s a public holiday tomorrow in WA! No Monday blues for me tomorrow then, hehe. Here are a few things I can do on a public holiday:

  1. Sleep in late
  2. Bum around the house in my jammies all day
  3. Clean up the place (inspection on next Saturday!)
  4. Make a strawberry cheesecake
  5. Have a picnic by the beach
  6. Knit while watching TVB

Ahhhh, the things I can do besides sitting in front of the computer all day and jamming my poor little fingers on the calculator a few hundred times a day. What a bliss!

To Sarawakians back home, have a Happy Gawai!! 🙂 🙂

Oh, oh, and a Happy Belated “Chang” Festival to all of you too! I actually bought a dumpling from my boss. FOR FREAKIN’ $3.80!!! And it doesn’t even taste good 😦 I miss the meat dumplings back in Miri… 😥

Oklah, I should go to bed now ‘cos it’s already 2:07am (eek)!!