Fern by Midas

Went out shopping with Ceci today in the city. I’m proud to announce that I went home empty-handed this time, hehe. I’m starting to believe that I do have a high level of self control when I’m determined. It certainly wasn’t easy looking at all the pretty dresses, jeans, and shoesssss all afternoon knowing that I can afford them, but instead, choosing not to buy them. Getting my first credit card just 2 weeks ago doesn’t really help too!

Ceci went home with $400+ worth of goods, I went home with empty hands and a burning desire for THIS:

Fern by MidasFern by Midas

It has a golden zip at the back of the shoes that is not visible in this photo. Either that or I just can’t find a photo with the golden zip. They’re just sizzlin’ sexy! It doesn’t look as sexy in this photo but when I tried it on, believe me, I felt like a supermodel. Ha! They would look absolutely gorgeous with jeans, dresses and leggings! I soooo want them!

The only thing that held me back from bringing them to the cash counter immediately was the price. These killer heels cost $278 and even with a 30% discount, it’s gonna cost me $194.60! No way am I getting another pair of shoes that’ll make me bleed.


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