Sunday Morning at Hillary’s Harbour

We took a drive to Hillary’s Harbour last weekend for brunch. Don’t you just love weekends? Not having to wake up early to go to work! I hate it when it’s raining on a weekday because I don’t get to snuggle in bed and let the rhythm of the rain lull me into a deeper slumber. Boohoo! Well, I got to sleep in late last weekend hehe but I hate to admit that I did feel like I’ve wasted half the day already. It’s getting dark so early these days (it’s winter now)! It’s already dark when I get off work in the evening and it feels like 9pm instead of 5. Soon there’ll be constant rainy, stormy, and chilly days coming and I’ll be psyching myself to fall sick so I don’t have to go to work. *Sigh*

Anyways, why do I go astray from the main topic so easily? Heh. The weather on Sunday was perfect for an open-top drive up north – sunny yet cooling. I tried snapping photos in the car by stretching my hands up high but all I got were distorted shots which don’t really make sense.

Drive to Hillary's

I know you don’t see people walking their dogs, jogging, or cycling in this photo but I actually saw soooo many of them it felt like I was on vacation island! Sooo beautiful and relaxing! And those beach houses…… Sigh…. How did these people get so rich to afford houses by the beach? I’m working full-time now and I can’t even afford a 40-year old house now 😦


We had breakfast at Dome.

Breakfast with Megan Fox

With Megan Fox. 😎

This coming weekend we’re going hunting for a new sofa, hehehe. The owner has agreed to remove the current very-uncomfortable-and-ugly-looking-sofa-bed next Monday. We’re also getting a new microwave for free since the current one is not working anymore. New household equipments, woohoo! Please tell me I’m not turning auntie-ish.


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