My New Little Corner

My Little Corner

This is my new favorite spot in our cosy little apartment. New sofa and footstool from Ikea. In order not to incur any delivery cost, we had to squeeze in this not-too-long-but-too-long-for-my-Jazz sofa into the Jazz, and also made sure it was safe enough to drive so we don’t get stopped by the cops. It sounds easy but really, it’s not. We had 1/4 of the sofa sticking out of the back of the car. We couldn’t close the back door, so we ended up tying the door down with an extra seat belt! And I had to hold on to the sofa from the front seat to make sure it doesn’t fall out of the car and hit some innocent stranger’s car, hahahaha.

We managed to get home safely without doing any damage to other cars nor getting spotted by the police. But, that was not all! We had to carry this extremely heavy sofa up TWO flights of stairs! Thank God a neighbor saw us and came to help us ‘cos I definitely wouldn’t be able to help Kin get it up to our floor.

Today the owner came over to remove the previous sofa bed and we now have a whole new sofa which fits fantastically! It’s giving the living more space and it’s much more comfortable compared to the previous one, I just love it!


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