Poppy Red Mary Janes

Poppy Red Mary Janes

Finished knitting myself a pair of Poppy Red Mary Janes yesterday. I absolutely love them! They’re keeping my feet warm this winter 🙂 Those little holes are eyelets for my feet to breathe when I’m not wearing socks, lol.

Oh, I can fit in my 24″ Sass & Bide without struggling like a wild boar now, yay!!!

Wing Kin is flying home tonight. Shh, don’t tell anyone ‘cos it’s supposed to be a surprise for his family. Chu said, 小别不如新婚. I hope I won’t miss him too much this time. Might not be able to help it though since he hasn’t booked his return ticket yet so I don’t know how long he’s gonna stay there for. 1 week? 2 weeks? A month?

Le sigh…


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Jessica Blaise S

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