Visiting Grandma Part I

My grandma is the most humorous granny I’ve ever met/seen/talked to. We celebrated her 80th birthday with her 2 days before Chinese New Year this year. She was healthy, walking, and joking as usual.

When mum told me grandma got really sick about 3 weeks ago, I freaked out. Sounded like she ain’t gonna make it.

“Can you come back?” Mum asked.

Of course I would, if I could. So I asked my boss if I could take an emergency leave from work to visit my grandma, and thank God they were very understanding and let me go although I only have 1.85 hours of annual leave available at that time. 1.85 hours. How pathetic I know!

So I knew I was going home. I had to book my last-minute tickets asap, search for the cheapest flights and on top of that, study for my online quiz that weekend grrr…. I got so stressed out that day I ACTUALLY LOCKED MYSELF OUT!!! Omg. I was stepping out to grab my clothes to put them in the dryer but I was so smart to not bring my keys with me. Continue reading Visiting Grandma Part I


Samsung F480

Yayyy!! My 2-year contract with 3 had just finished so I’m entitled to getting a new phone from them again, hehehe. Will be getting a Samsung F480 this time.

Samsung 480

Oh yes, in p-i-n-k!

Initially I was in a dilemma – not knowing which to choose between a Nokia E63 or a Samsung F480. The Nokia has sooo many good customer reviews, a qwerty keypad, is email compatible, and probably has a 3.5mm jack as well? But I was not very happy to see that it only has a 2MP camera. The Samsung F480 on the other hand, has a touch screen and a 5MP camera. But hey, I’ve never heard of anyone using a Samsung phone I don’t even know if it’s trustable or not.

I still couldn’t decide when I was back in Miri until I visited an ex-schoolmate’s phone shop in Parkson. He was selling the Nokia for RM800+ and the Samsung for RM1,300. And being the tam xiu pin yi person that I am, I decided rightaway to get the Samsung instead of the Nokia ‘cos it’s more expensive! This indirectly saves me lots of moolahs doesn’t it?

So yeah, the phone is on its way to me now. Will probably get it on Thursday.

Will blog about my trip back to Miri to visit grandma next since I’m getting 100% votes for that one there 😉

Miri or Pemberton?

Hey hey!

I’m finally back home after an adventurous yet tiring 2-weeks vacation back to Miri & Pemberton.

I have about 315 photos in my camera which are yet to be uploaded to the pc. I hate to repeat this but I am going to be EXTREMELY busy for the next 2 weeks. I have a quiz due this coming weekend, a 6-hour focus session to attend next Saturday and an assignment due next week OMG!!

My grandma is doing so much better now thanks to all of you who asked and kept her in your prayers 🙂 I’m hoping to see her again during the next Chinese New Year.

Meanwhile, I don’t have any photos to show you guys since I haven’t uploaded any photos yet and the battery’s dying.

I also can’t decide which trip to blog about first so I suppose I’ll write based on your votes.

In 24 Hours


Will be back in tanah air in about 24 hours.

Mum said grandma’s doing much better now that my aunt flew back from Ipoh to see her. Uncle will be back today and I’ll be back tomorrow.

Am looking forward to see everyone back home, spend lots of time with grandma and cheering her up, making her eat, and eat, eat, eat!

Ah… What an unexpected trip home this time.

Such bliss!



Will be flying home this coming Tuesday as my grandma is very ill. I wish that someone would just stop mistreating her and show her some respect instead. Have you no respect for anyone at all? You disgust me.

Please kindly keep my grandma in your prayers… God bless.

Monterey’s, Sheraton Hotel Buffet

Monterey's, Sheraton Hotel

Our company had an end-of-financial-year dinner the other night at Monterey’s, Sheraton Hotel. Continue reading Monterey’s, Sheraton Hotel Buffet

Stalked On?

It’s Tuesday today and I was up quite early for work. So there I was, sitting in my car, waiting for the engine to heat up, when I suddenly noticed the door indicator on the dashboard was lit. Strange, the car doors were all closed when I was driving home last night.

So I got out of the car and checked the rest of the doors. All the other three doors were all not closed properly. INCLUDING the boot door. Someone must’ve got into my car last night because I left the car unlocked! I checked the glove box, CDs still there. The back seat, beach umbrella and a bottle of Spring Valley still there. The fishing rods and the Disney stools were still in the boot. So nothing was stolen. Phew. I could still drive the car to work so I don’t think they stole my engine either.

It’s SCARY knowing someone was in your car last night, running through your things, and you don’t even know that person. o_O


Sometimes I really wonder, why can’t people be happy for me? Why do they doubt my choices, my decisions? Do I not know what truly makes me happy?

Some may think that I’m not having the perfect, happy relationship. But aren’t imperfection and the occasional arguments what truly make a relationship? Surely in the happiest relationship ever, there are bound to be disagreements. So what do you do? You don’t give up, pack your bags and leave when things don’t work out your way. You try to compromise. You argue, you resolve matters, and you make up.

I personally find a relationship with arguments healthier than a relationship without arguments because now I am able to voice my own thoughts and opinions. If this tells you that I’m not happy then I can assure that you are wrong, because I am happy in this relationship. We are both able to work out what makes us happy and what makes us not.

And most of all, it hurts so much when issues of compatibility are brought up. What do you mean when you say that person is not our type? What IS our type? God didn’t make two human beings with the same character, the same personality, the same idea, the same virtues. In fact, He made us so different so we can learn to accept and give in order to love and be loved. I am not holy or saintly, so why does God love me? Purely because in love, there are no boundaries. Love is unconditional.

I am truly happy. I am. In between the tears, my heart actually beats for love. That is what we live for. So please, cast away all your doubts, all your judgmental thoughts, and sincerely be happy for me.

The Greatest Love

You wanna know what I think?

I think the greatest love of all, is knowing the flaws, blemishes, and imperfections of the one you love, yet accepting these flaws and loving that person still. Unconditionally. Without doubt. Without wanting anything in return.

I don’t wish for anything right now, except for you to be by my side and telling me that everything is okay. That you love me still. Just as I do in return.

A Broken Fridge & A Sore Butt

MY FRIDGE IS NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!! Since when, I don’t know but I only discovered it this afternoon WTF!!!!! My butt is so sore now because I’ve had 2 Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings already tonight.

What makes me even madder is that my agent refuses to return my call!!! ARGHHH!!! 😡 How can they do this to me right. I know they don’t work on Saturday and Sunday as well so that means the food in the fridge will definitely go bad. I can’t drive now ‘cos I need to run to the toilet any minute. The only way is to wait till tomorrow morning and IF my tummy’s not upset then, I’ll drive to Meng’s house and leave the food in his fridge.

Damn soi, damn soi! I just hope I don’t see maggots in the frozen defrosted meat tomorrow morning! 😯