I had a really weird dream last night and it revolved around 3 pairs of twin brothers the whole night. It all started with a pair of twin brothers but I’ve forgotten how they look like, hahahaha. The younger one is married but the older one is not. Then I don’t know, somehow this funny unmarried older brother took interest in me and we started going out, lol wtf. I haven’t been courted by a guy for a long time already so the feeling was quite awesome 😳

Then, all of a sudden, their faces changed into the faces of a random senior back in my secondary school days (see how it’s getting weird?). I never talked to this guy before, I only remember him being one of the naughtier boys in school and that’s all wtf why suddenly appear in my dream one, HAHAHA.

As if the dream wasn’t already weird enough, their faces had to change for the SECOND time! This time they were our office’s computer technicians! -_- Now those are the real deal in real life – the computer technicians of the company I work in are real twins. I have no idea why they were in my dream. Did I actually find them attractive before? Omg.

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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

3 thoughts on “Twins?”

  1. OMG..hahha..doesnt it feel weird to dream of random people? hahah..
    people that u havent even thought about in a while..
    anyhooo..maybe this is a sign..
    that wingkin does have a twin brother somewhere!?!?! hahahah.
    Im jk. Obviously.


    1. HAHAHA!!! if he has a twin brother…………. i’d be in the same situation as u again twinny! LOL!!

      it IS weird that we can dream of random strangers in our dreams. i don’t know how they get in there. is it because our brain has all these images of the ppl we’ve seen before but we just never thought about them then we dream about them when we’re subconscious or something…


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