Sometimes I really wonder, why can’t people be happy for me? Why do they doubt my choices, my decisions? Do I not know what truly makes me happy?

Some may think that I’m not having the perfect, happy relationship. But aren’t imperfection and the occasional arguments what truly make a relationship? Surely in the happiest relationship ever, there are bound to be disagreements. So what do you do? You don’t give up, pack your bags and leave when things don’t work out your way. You try to compromise. You argue, you resolve matters, and you make up.

I personally find a relationship with arguments healthier than a relationship without arguments because now I am able to voice my own thoughts and opinions. If this tells you that I’m not happy then I can assure that you are wrong, because I am happy in this relationship. We are both able to work out what makes us happy and what makes us not.

And most of all, it hurts so much when issues of compatibility are brought up. What do you mean when you say that person is not our type? What IS our type? God didn’t make two human beings with the same character, the same personality, the same idea, the same virtues. In fact, He made us so different so we can learn to accept and give in order to love and be loved. I am not holy or saintly, so why does God love me? Purely because in love, there are no boundaries. Love is unconditional.

I am truly happy. I am. In between the tears, my heart actually beats for love. That is what we live for. So please, cast away all your doubts, all your judgmental thoughts, and sincerely be happy for me.


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

5 thoughts on “Compatibility”

  1. twinny,
    sometimes when people care too much for us, they overlook the good things and also get paranoid. thats only coz they care too much for how we feel during the downtime. But every relationship has its lows right? even friendships.
    I totally understand what it means to have some people in our lives questioning our choices…but maybe it jz shows that we have an opinion of our own and we’re not pushovers.
    mmm…Im not sure if im making sense but..although im not close enough to know whats going on..but I believe that U knw wat is best for u.



    1. hey twinny,

      thanks for the love. i really need some assurance right now. i understand that sometimes ppl question cos they’re afraid that this might lead me to another tearful tragedy. but i really hope they’ll see past all the so-called “negativities” they “see” in a person, discover the person’s good traits instead, and give us their blessings. i don’t want someone to tell me who who who doesn’t deserve me cos maybe the fact is, i don’t even deserve to have that person if u know what i mean. it’s not always how it seems to be.

      thanks again darl. days like this i really need hugs! hugs hugs hugs


  2. I agree twinny…so at the end of the day it’s up to us to make the judgement.
    as they say..Dai GOh lui le:)
    at least u understand that they only mean to care…but u knw..mistakes are a part of growing up and learning from them. I know ur wise twinny and like I said before..u knw wat is best for whomever upsetted u..hopefully they will read this….Ur such a happy sure u’ll pick urself up from any problem that might occur. Ur a smart cookie..u knw what is good for u. Im gonna read ur next post. TATA


  3. i’m glad you know all those that revolves around you whether those are good or bad. but living in this rather realistic world, i know the usual stuff that got to us would be the bad ones. but hey, let it go. people talk, they always do. let them talk. as long as you’re happy, that’s what matters most because hey, in the end of the day, it’s just between you and the one you love. and who is to judge anyway? 🙂


    1. i agree. i can’t control what ppl talk about with their mouths. i don’t have to prove my happiness to anyone, do i? as long as i’m happy and i know it, that’s enough to keep me going. but sometimes i’m too furious to see that… (i’m very small gas sigh)… i pray that i’ll have a bigger heart to forgive.


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