Stalked On?

It’s Tuesday today and I was up quite early for work. So there I was, sitting in my car, waiting for the engine to heat up, when I suddenly noticed the door indicator on the dashboard was lit. Strange, the car doors were all closed when I was driving home last night.

So I got out of the car and checked the rest of the doors. All the other three doors were all not closed properly. INCLUDING the boot door. Someone must’ve got into my car last night because I left the car unlocked! I checked the glove box, CDs still there. The back seat, beach umbrella and a bottle of Spring Valley still there. The fishing rods and the Disney stools were still in the boot. So nothing was stolen. Phew. I could still drive the car to work so I don’t think they stole my engine either.

It’s SCARY knowing someone was in your car last night, running through your things, and you don’t even know that person. o_O


Published by

Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

7 thoughts on “Stalked On?”

    1. HAHAHA I’m sooooo locking my door now. I have to! Fi freaked me out by saying maybe someone went in there to have some “action” while everyone else was sleeping o_O

      What the heck I don’t want some couple to make out in my car!!!!

      It can’t be the old ppl though, cos they opened every single door and including the boot… I think they would’ve realised after they opened the 2nd door 😦


  1. Jess, it is true that adventurous people love breaking into other cars to have some.. ‘action’.. can’t believe i just said that (im usu more straight forward).

    So lesson of the day Jess? LOCK UR FRIGGIN DOOR!


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