Monterey’s, Sheraton Hotel Buffet

Monterey's, Sheraton Hotel

Our company had an end-of-financial-year dinner the other night at Monterey’s, Sheraton Hotel.

Seafood at Monterey's

The hottest dishes for the night were the seafood – fresh crabs, prawns, and OYSTERS!!!!! They were soooo nice!


They also had very pretty & delicious desserts.

I used to have a stomach of a cow when I was in my teens. I could eat, and eat, and eat without knowing my limits. Sadly, I’ve lost this ability and lost to my colleague that night; she had 7 plates and I could only do 3 and a half. What’s worse was I suddenly had a really upset tummy halfway through eating. I couldn’t really put up a smile after that as pain comes and goes every few minutes. 😦 I wouldn’t say that it was caused by the food ‘cos everything I had was really fresh and tasty. It was probably just my stomach not digesting well that night.

I’d love to go back there again! The buffet costs $50 per head but if you have discount vouchers from websites or magazines, you might be lucky enough to get a 50% off your second buffet dinner or even a FREE buffet for your date!


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2 thoughts on “Monterey’s, Sheraton Hotel Buffet”

  1. As much as I love free buffets AND bringing my date out for a FREE buffeet, dates dont like FREE buffets :(. They like high-class, expensive unaffordable buffets that they don’t have to pay for! AHhh!!! The pAIN!!! T_T


    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! This is quite true hey… Kolien. Well expensive unaffordable buffets are ok once in a while. Next time u bring ur date and use ur 50% off 2nd person voucher, don’t let her know 😉


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