Samsung F480

Yayyy!! My 2-year contract with 3 had just finished so I’m entitled to getting a new phone from them again, hehehe. Will be getting a Samsung F480 this time.

Samsung 480

Oh yes, in p-i-n-k!

Initially I was in a dilemma – not knowing which to choose between a Nokia E63 or a Samsung F480. The Nokia has sooo many good customer reviews, a qwerty keypad, is email compatible, and probably has a 3.5mm jack as well? But I was not very happy to see that it only has a 2MP camera. The Samsung F480 on the other hand, has a touch screen and a 5MP camera. But hey, I’ve never heard of anyone using a Samsung phone I don’t even know if it’s trustable or not.

I still couldn’t decide when I was back in Miri until I visited an ex-schoolmate’s phone shop in Parkson. He was selling the Nokia for RM800+ and the Samsung for RM1,300. And being the tam xiu pin yi person that I am, I decided rightaway to get the Samsung instead of the Nokia ‘cos it’s more expensive! This indirectly saves me lots of moolahs doesn’t it?

So yeah, the phone is on its way to me now. Will probably get it on Thursday.

Will blog about my trip back to Miri to visit grandma next since I’m getting 100% votes for that one there 😉


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5 thoughts on “Samsung F480”

    1. It’s quite a swell phone! I’m still not very used to the touchscreen though (texting is a pain in the arse right now, especially when u’re driving, lol!). I just bought an original leather case for it and it’s so expensive! 😦


  1. I know right.. I thought it had the keyboard pad that iphone has but when I tried the same phone which the SA was using, it was a pain to type!

    But still, it’s sleek, and a cheaper alternative to iphone lol


    1. Lol yeahh, it’s quite awesome and my colleagues are pretty envious, LOL LOL. Btw, I haven’t been able to read your blog for a long time!! Are you inviting readers at all? 😦


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