Visiting Grandma Part I

My grandma is the most humorous granny I’ve ever met/seen/talked to. We celebrated her 80th birthday with her 2 days before Chinese New Year this year. She was healthy, walking, and joking as usual.

When mum told me grandma got really sick about 3 weeks ago, I freaked out. Sounded like she ain’t gonna make it.

“Can you come back?” Mum asked.

Of course I would, if I could. So I asked my boss if I could take an emergency leave from work to visit my grandma, and thank God they were very understanding and let me go although I only have 1.85 hours of annual leave available at that time. 1.85 hours. How pathetic I know!

So I knew I was going home. I had to book my last-minute tickets asap, search for the cheapest flights and on top of that, study for my online quiz that weekend grrr…. I got so stressed out that day I ACTUALLY LOCKED MYSELF OUT!!! Omg. I was stepping out to grab my clothes to put them in the dryer but I was so smart to not bring my keys with me.

I panicked. Checked my pockets – no keys. Oh wait, I have 2 bucks, for the dryer and my laundry basket, but that ain’t gonna do me any shit. No phone. No Wing Kin. 😦

I thought of my neighbor rightaway and was hoping he could help me so I ran down the stairs and knocked on his door. Thank God thank God he was home so he lent me his internet (to check for the real estate agent’s phone) and his mobile phone so I could call the agent. /tears of joy

Lucky me the agent was in the office on a Saturday morning (most Aussies DON’T work on Saturday!) so she told me to go to the office asap to grab the extra set of keys. I had no car keys with me so I had to run. Yes. RUN to the office in my Paul Frank PJs, how awesome is that! I had curious eyes staring at me from the pubs, cars, bus stations, roads, all the way but that didn’t matter, I just wanted to get my friggin’ keys and get back home.

I finally got my keys and headed back home. Such a relief! In fact, it’s good to have a little drama in your life every now and then so you’ll have something special to blog about lol.

After all that drama, I managed to book my flights. Taking Air Asia home and MAS the way back. Meng sent me to the airport at 5 in the morning! Poor guy, always the one sending friends to airport. Will try to bake him something nice next time hahaha.

The international flight back home was okay, except the seats were a little too small. They were okay for me but I can’t imagine how a plumper person could fit and stay comfortable the whole flight through. The food was not too bad as well – BBQ chicken with potatoes. The comfort kit was the funniest to me as you have to actually inflate the neck pillow yourself by blowing. I blew and blew but the freaking thing won’t inflate at all! My face was all red and I think a few guys behind me were snickering 😦 I asked for help from the air hostess but her instructions were unreliable – she motioned me to attempt to tear it apart wtf. Anyhoo, with my wee bit of wisdom, I managed to make a hole to the opening and finally inflate the pillow but I was exhausted by then hmph. I didn’t really sleep but I suppose I did doze off for a bit.

It was soooooooooooo humid when I got out of the plane!! Seriously it felt as though I was being shoved into a sauna room once I got out of the plane. I’ve never been to LCCT before and okay, first impression was that it doesn’t look like an airport! Lol. No air conditioners, just fans at the check-in counters. Met some rude people while waiting for the connecting flight but can’t be bothered to write about them. I finally reached Miri at about 5:30p.m. Mum, bro & sis came to pick me up, hehehehe, that’s the whole family okay! You may not know it but it’s really hard to get my bro to go anywhere with you so I was touched and happy!

I was starving by then so we drove to Taman Selera for dinner. Was so excited because I haven’t dined there for ages!

Taman Selera 1

The food was sooooo good. I love the tom-yum fish so muchie!

After dinner, we headed straight to Grandma’s. I was very, very happy to see her, and so was she 🙂 She held my hands so tight when I went up to her, for a good 10-second. There’s something about holding unto someone you love. You will feel a surge of warmth all over your body. You will have a sense of familiarity with this person’s hands.

These were my grandma’s hands. The hands that fed me, bathed me, clothed me and caressed me when I was a little girl.

At that moment, the humidity didn’t matter. The money spent on the flight tickets didn’t matter.

I was happy to be home.


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2 thoughts on “Visiting Grandma Part I”

  1. Love love this post. It made me laugh..ur so Goofy and cute.
    I can totally see u locking urself out. Ur door is designed so weirdly;p I mean the doorknob. remember how I almost decided to camp outside coz i wasnt sure it was locked? LCCT does make one grumpy..coz ur hot and theres so many people..err..jz makes u moody right away…
    At the gave me a warm tingling feeling too..I felt the same when I was home..and I wish I was back home again..

    Can’t wait for Grandma Part2!:P


    1. hehehehehe goofy is me! i is goofy! 😆 my doorknob IS designed weirdly isn’t it!! come on la, we’re not staying in the hotel so why would you design a door that locks itself once you close it 😦

      LCCT has LOTS of ppl!! lots and lots of different ppl. if i were to play tambi cholop with wing kin i think i’ll slap him till my hands swell~ hot + rude ppl + haze = 😦


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