China Doll

China Doll

New haircut! After helping Fi & Kris with their fringe, I decided to get one myself too! The last time I cut my own fringe I had to hide myself from other human beings – it was disastrous. This time around, I got to practise my skills on 2 victims first then finally getting my own, lol! Just kidding girls, I think I knew what I was doing when I cut your hair πŸ˜›

I look way younger now! I can now skillfully hide my “hua luo han” forehead behind my bangs, hahahahaha. Awesomeness? Do rate the awesomeness of this new hairstyle of mine!! πŸ˜€


Surprise, Baby!

I came home tired and weary from my CA class today, but found out that Wing Kin had a surprise gift for me! :mrgreen:

Could it be what I’ve been dreading to get for the past week??


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Ben’s 26th

Last night Wing Kin and I were invited to Ben’s belated birthday dinner at Restaurant Jun in the city. We got him a Little Big Planet PS3 game since he wanted me to knit him a sackboy but I’m too lazy to work on it so I thought oh well, just get him the game then, hahahahaha.

Anyway, we parked our car at the nearest CPP and took a walk there. And guess what lah….. Twinny you can’t guess ‘cos I already told you, lol.

Okay, I fell down on the street T_T

I was looking out for a car that was driving out of an alley so I wanted to stop and let them go first but I didn’t know the road was uneven, placed all my weight on my left leg, and on top of that, my shoe sole has worn out so I SLIPPED! Or shall I say, slipped gracefully with one leg forward. Soooo embarrassing…. T_T

When Wing Kin helped me up, the driver drove the car forward a little and the lady on the passenger seat asked if I was okay πŸ˜₯ I was okay actually, just very paiseh of the whole incident and Kin couldn’t help but laughed at me… -_-


This is me trying to stay cheerful despite falling down on the street just less than 5 minutes ago, HAHAHAHA.

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Scent of Love

Scent of Love

You know when you’re in a relationship for quite a while, a light kiss or a peck on your lips doesn’t really stir up the passion in you as it did when you first started dating each other. But still, when the person holds you in his arms, kiss you again, again, and again,Β a light peck after the other, you’ll get that tingling feeling back. Your knees will buckle. Your hands clammy. You become this silly girl who’s in love all over again.

This Itch

You know every month after I get my pay, I have this itch, this annoying itch that urges me to spend money on something lavish. GRRRR. I’ve been browsing through online catalogs of handbags for the past 3 hours. Those photos of over-priced handbags with perfect craftsmanship are EVIL!!! I was positively sure at one point that I was gonna go into the store tomorrow, pick the bag that I want, and swipe my credit card. Absolutely positive of that happening tomorrow.

And then I weakened. (Sigh lack of strong will and determination)

No way am I gonna spend one-third of my salary to get a handbag, right? What am I gonna eat next month? Grass? With that amount of money I can buy another big screen HD LCD TV so why am I spending it on a bag? Oh and what about this, I can buy soooooo many clothes with that money too! So yea, I need to trample myself back and forth (mentally) so I shall resist myself from all these evil temptations of designers’ goods. (Hmm, come to think about it I’m not really saving if I were to spend it on something else ya, hahahahahaha)

Anywayyys, I shall save the money and do so for the next couple of months so when I look at my bank account I’ll go OMG I can so afford a **** bag and a **** this and a **** that now!!! That will be an awesome feeling. But I shall try to resist the temptation then too! And maybe just buy ONE that I reaaaaaally want /cheeky grin

Resist the Temptation

Love Above Your Head

Polaroid love

I would love to have my bedroom look like this one day! I’ll have candid polaroids pasted to a love shape on the bedroom wall. This is awesomeness.

I don’t know if it’s the polaroid fever that’s getting me or what but I just ordered a classic polaroid camera online. Double awesomeness?

Can’t wait for the parcel to arrive.

Chocolate by Yasmin Ahmad

Chocolate by the late Yasmin Ahmad.

One of the most favorable interpretations of the clip by Jason Tan:

Yasmin Ahmad had portrayed the ordinary life of the Chinese minority that many still consider to be the β€œricher” class among the others. However in bitter reality, the Chinese are striving as hard as the other races just to make a better living and yet, they are not getting the same incentives and benefits equally as Malaysians and they consider going abroad is the gateway to a more comfortable life and escape from the constant prejudice. It also portrays that the inequality among races have sparked prejudice and discontent towards the Muslim community, but despite all this, the Chinese still accept and tolerate the fact and reality. This interpretation is portrayed by Yasmin when the boy still puts the piece of chocolate on the table for the Malay girl if she returns even she has no money to pay for it. It also teaches us a lesson to learn to take and to give between races.

Thought provoking, isn’t it?

Tony Roma’s

Tony Roma's

Kin and I went to Tony Roma’s for dinner tonight ‘cos I was sooooo craving for hot food with lots of gravy!! Plus we haven’t gone on a date for a looooong time so I thought it’d be nice if we’d make the effort to eat out tonight. Finding a parking in the city was a b*tch but we were “lucky” enough to get a parking without tickets in the end.

We ordered fried calamari rings for starters and 2 regular original baby back ribs. I thought we were gonna wait quite a while for the orders to come but no. The food actually came in less than 15 minutes! That was very impressive and made me a very happy girl ‘cos I was staaaarving!

The food was finger-lickin’ good! I read a couple of bad reviews about this restaurant but I don’t see why I won’t give them a 10/10 rating for tonight’s meal.

The 5th Year

Has it been that long already? 5 years since you left daddy. How’s everything with you in Heaven?

So many things happened for the past 5 years daddy. I moved out of town. Flew to an unknown city and for the first time ever, I felt so far away from home. I know you would’ve been proud of me. You would have sent me off at the airport with mum, Siang and Ni, reminding me to take good care of myself. Perhaps, you would’ve attended my graduation ceremony as well. Or be in the family portrait we took at the studio in uni. Maybe you would’ve walked up to me after the ceremony, held me close and congratulated me.

Or maybe during the worst breakup I’ve ever had, your heart would’ve ached when you heard me cry over the phone. You would’ve held your tears and tell me it’s okay, just like mum did. Maybe it wouldn’t have hurt so bad then.

Or maybe you would’ve been at Siang’s excellent drama performances. You would be impressed at how good an actor your son is. His real tears on stage. I think you would be even prouder that he’s picked up your hobbies – planting and rearing fishes. Maybe you would’ve teased him for dating girls too! Or maybe, when he is too much for mum to handle alone, you would’ve been there to play the strict father role – put some senses into him and teach him how to be a man.

Or maybe you would’ve given Nini more memories of you being her father. You would help her with her homework. Tell her silly jokes like you did when we were young. Or give her so much fatherly love like you always do.

Or maybe you would’ve taken good care of mum when she is sick. You would’ve hugged and kissed her when she’s having a bad day. Cry with her when grandma passed away. Stand up for her when the kids are being disobedient. You would take her out shopping just to pamper her a little.

And so many has happened while you weren’t here. Often I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great if dad were here? How would things be then? Would it be different? But you know what? I knew you were there all the while. I knew. We might not be able to see you, but you were there, through the good and bad. You were there when I went for my first job interview. You were there when mum secretly cried when she thought about you. You were there when Siang won the best actor award. And you were there when Nini was upset because her brother never stops bullying her. You were there all awhile.

You constantly live in our memories. In our daily lives. Because who would we be without you dad? There is a lump in my throat now because I can’t begin to tell you how much I truly love you. If you see me cry, you’ll say I’m silly, but it’s true. We all love you and miss you so much… And we pray that you’re happy in Heaven. We pray that you will be the guardian angel of our family, guiding us always, just as you always do.

Thank you dad…

Trip to Pemberton

I have dozens of photos to show from my trip down south to Pemberton, WA. I just spent the past hour choosing, resizing, and uploading the photos I guess bedtime’s gonna be late again tonight 😦

Anyhoo, my trip to Pemberton, yes. I wasn’t very excited about the trip at first because I only got back to Perth that morning and didn’t get to sleep till about 4 a.m. thanks to the flight delay! 😑 Luckily I wasn’t asked to drive so I could at least catch some sleep in the car. But something unlucky had to happen to me that day. My water bottle in my bag was leaking and my cell phone was in there too T_T My poor phone died immediately after I discovered it. /sob

So I was thinking to myself, this is gonna be one of those real vacations where I won’t be able to get phone calls, emails, online messages and whatnot.


We stopped by Donnybrook for lunch – grabbed some pies from the Big Apple Bakery. Continue reading Trip to Pemberton