Visiting Grandma Part II

Hello!! Finally some time to continue my “Visiting Grandma” story-telling, hahaha.

So yeah, where was I again? Oh yes, seeing grandma on the first night I arrived. We only stayed for about half an hour then headed back home so I could unpack, shower, and take some rest.

My home still looks pretty much the same – but I see a new addition to the living room this time!


Cute little guppies?

My brother rears fish as a hobby and according to my mum, he’s willing to spend lots and lots of money on them. I have to admit that I was rather impressed with the new look of the pond now. I know for sure I wasn’t gonna take care of the garden ever, then that would mean my dad’s effort would all go to waste ‘cos he landscaped the whole backyard himself (from bringing all those huge rocks back from Kuala Baram to fitting the water pump & filter, planting the bonsai-s, buying the koi-s and etc. So it’s a great thing that my bro picked up my dad’s hobby and well, “continued his legacy” I suppose, hahaha.

Met up with Wing Kin that night (I haven’t seen him for 3 weeks already then so I missed him a lot :oops:) We went to have gan mien at some stall in the Pelita Commercial area and for the first time in my life, THE GAN MIEN WASN’T TASTY and it cost us what… RM3.50 for a bowl of gan mien?!?! Sigh what a rip off!


The next day, I cleaned my dog. Her fur was grey as hell and she is supposed to be white! Poor baby had an accident earlier last year. My brother accidentally reversed the car into her and broke one of her hind legs. She’s fully recovered now but the leg’s always in an awkward position when she sits down (and longs for you to caress her) and when she sleeps.

She is such a cutie! I cut her hair and it looks really funny but that’s okay. It’s got the ugly-kinda-cute thingy going on and I love it, hahaha!

The rest of my days in Miri were spent on……

1. Food

Ais kacang

Who doesn’t love ais kacang? If you don’t, you are seriously crazy. I wish I know how to make this so I can have my icy old ais kacang whenever I feel like it in Perth, especially during those hot summer days 😦


Cheap sushi and sashimi in Excapade. I’ve never been there before so it was quite a good experience. It’s nice having a small little room to yourself and your guests. And guess who I bumped into right there?

No, you couldn’t have guessed it.

Mr Foster Shek!!! With Jenny Wong and their colleagues. Omg, Foster! I haven’t seen him since Form 2 and geez weez that was like 10 YEARS AGO! Wtf! Has it been 10 years already!!


10 years ago my hair was this short because I thought a pixie haircut was so cool and I loved Backstreet Boys & Westlife. -_-


Durians are soooo yummy! But they’re a big EW when they have worms in it!! Mum bought RM100+ worth of durians so I can eat as much as I can before I return to the Land of No Durian.

Tutu fish

Wing Kin drove me, my sis, and Jacinta to Bekenu for tutu fish. I didn’t really like the fish that much but I was all over the mabuk prawn @ 醉虾 @ drunk prawn (wtf?! :lol:). They had steamed eggs as the base of the prawn dish and it was soooo delicious I could eat that everyday!

2. Accompanying family & well, more food

Grandma loves companies although she can’t really stand the noise. We had a family dinner 2 days before I left ‘cos all her children were there to be with her (an aunt flew back from Texas and an uncle flew back from Perth). We spent the night chatting away in my grandma’s room. The daughters (my mum and her sisters) were talking about their childhood days when they were living poor but meaningful lives. We all had a great laugh and my grandma has the most vivid and clearest memories of those days. Those were probably the happiest days of her life? When my grandpa was alive and the 11 kids were too much to handle 😉

No, no, maybe the happiest days of her life was when she had lots of grandkids (me!) and everyone secretly wished we’d never grow up ‘cos toddlers are just adorable! Oh, me and my absence of appetite and my constipation days – that’ll take me days to talk about them, hehehehe.


My cousin asked me a really good question. “Why do you take photos of food and not people?”

Ever since I tried having a mind of a photographer, I tend to forget the very basic purpose of taking photos – to take photos of the people around you, to keep these memories so one day you can look at the photos again and remember what it was like then.


My family + Grandma – Brother.

Wow, so cool, I can use an equation to describe my photos!

+ – x / =

I am, an accountant after all.

This is my grandma whom we all love very, very much. She was admitted to the hospital yesterday because her body lacks minerals. She’s on drips now. We’re thinking it would be better for her to be in the hospital as she will be under the special care of doctors & nurses but her kidney is slowly failing, so are the other organs of her body.

We all pray hard that she will be okay. At peace, if not healthy once again……


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