Pot Pies!

Sometimes I like to try something new. I had this really tasty chicken and mushroom in a hot pot/pot pie while I was in Pemberton last weekend and I couldn’t keep my mind off it the entire week!

Yesterday, I finally decided to put my thoughts into some actions – making the dish.

Pot pie in the oven

Tasty pot pie baking gently in the oven wtf, LOL.

Pot pies


Chicken and Mushroom in a Hot Pot

It was delicious! I liked the pie crust a lot ‘cos it was very crispy, hehehe. I had to pay $13.90 for a dish like this in Pemberton and they only had 2 extra toasts and a parsley leaf (I think) on top of the mashed potatoes. I probably spent less than $15 to make two portions of this.


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