Shooting is Addictive

Went shooting today at Lone Ranges Shooting Complex with Wing Kin and a few of his forum mates. We were very excited but I was a tad bit scared at the same time ‘cos we were told that we’re gonna be locked in our own cubicle until we’re done or if something happens (like if I accidentally shoot Wing Kin at his foot after I loaded the gun :shock:).

We paid $50 for 50 bullets, which wasn’t too expensive as we shared. Oh and we used a .22LR revolver. The scary part came after the guy taught us how to load the bullets and use the gun then left (after locking us /tremble). I let Kin tried it first ‘cos I still had no idea how loud it was gonna be and stuff.

Shooting In Style

Me shooting in style with ear mufflers and safety goggles on. You die biatch!

I didn’t do too bad when it was my turn, except I was pretty pissed off that the ammo kept getting jammed. Kin figured out how to take it out and reload it again but it just kept getting stuck after one shot. And it only happens to me! SO ANNOYING! 😥

Shooting tryout

Luckily no ammo got jammed for my last row of bullets, hehehe. It was good fun! And addictive. As you can see, I did pretty good as my shots were pretty “concentrated” hahahaha.

Shooting Results

I also shot the Lone Ranges target (the star) during the tryout, woohoo!

Will definitely go back there again 😀


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