The Day My Grandma Left

Today, my grandma passed away. Exactly 2 weeks before the 5th death anniversary of my father.

My popo was a person with a big heart. She was a wife, a mother of 11 children, a grandmother of mine, and also a great grandmother of my nieces & nephews. Every Chinese New Year, we had something to look forward to, because we would celebrate popo’s Chinese birthday which falls on Chinese New Year Eve, which is also when we’ll have our reunion dinner. Next year, it wouldn’t be the same anymore, because popo is no longer here.

Popo, you will always be remembered. I cried when I found out this morning. Curled up in bed, seeking comfort for my broken heart. But I was also relieved to know you didn’t have to suffer again. I pray and pray that you are now in Heaven, with gong gong and ba ba and our Lord Jesus. There will be no pain and sorrow there, only joy.

I am happy that I flew back 2 weeks ago to see you, to hold you, to just be there with you and for you.

You will always be remembered, po. May you rest in peace.


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

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