Random #1

KLIA flight delay

# Stuck in KLIA for more than 8 hours because of a flight delay. We were all seated in the first plane and I was happy ‘cos I thought I’d get enough sleep that night and be recharged for work the next day but noooooo… the pilot told us there were some technical problems with one of the turbines. He told us we’d have to wait so okay, we just sat on the plane anyway; I was bored and Wing Kin was already in his full sleeping mode – eye mask, pillows and all. 30 minutes later, we were told to switch to another aircraft because they couldn’t fix the turbine. And it doesn’t stop getting worse from there. They told us we had to wait for another 2 hours for the next flight! SIEN!

Vincci# Dirt cheap flats from Vincci. Guess how much did they cost? RM27!!!!!! They’re comfy but not very durable. But oh well, I’m not gonna complain since it’s so cheap and oh-so-retro. Will be perfect for some retro shots, no?

Money Street

# Winter this year isn’t as cold as I remembered it being. Love the nude trees on Money Street =)


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2 thoughts on “Random #1”

  1. heyyyy U KNOW WAT? I was wandering around in Sportgirl and lo and behold- I saw floral tights… very tempted to get them… but it comes in one style only so still thinking! How was the topshop order??? Do share!

    Also! How’s your BB cream faring? I am now highly suspicious that its pore-clogging since I’ve not seen the non comedogenic sign on it… I always have to double cleanse or else there will be left over residue from it!



    1. I got the floral tights from topshop hehehe… they’re a bit too thin for my liking but it was my bad, cos I bought the tights instead of the leggings. I think it’ll be thicker for the leggings. You should totally check them out! Postage to Aus is only 7.50 pounds (regardless of how many items you order).

      The BB cream yes! It does clog pores hey??? and I find it oily for my skin too. I have to blot after a few hrs but on the good side, it DOES even out my skin tone and makes me look fairer, lol. I hardly apply powder anymore haha. I got another tube of BB cream from SkinFood while I was back in Miri. Haven’t tried it out yet though. Ppl like it cos it’s got UV protection. I should write a BB cream review soon!


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