Short-Term Happiness

I had a dream last night. A joyful one. I dreamt that Wing Kin bought me a brown puppy last night. So tiny that when I held it with both hands, it curls up and sleeps! It was soooooo cute and hiding under the chair when there were visitors. I think I was a bad master though ‘cos I kept starving it in the dream. 😈

I had a whole I-wanna-buy-a-puppy issue for the past week. It all started when my friend asked if anyone’s interested in buying Husky puppies. Husky puppies!!! Gosh, have you seen how cute are they?

Siberian Husky Puppy

But I freaked out a little when I read the news about a Siberian Husky killing a 2-weeks old baby. Human baby. 😯 When I found out my friend was selling it for $800, I decided not to buy it. $800 for a puppy… I’ll kill myself.

Jack Russell Puppy

The next day, I was soooo tempted to get a 7-week-old Jack Russell puppy when I saw the ad on gumtree for $490! You don’t get a vaccinated puppy for that price I can assure you. Most puppies are sold at about a standard price of $800. Fiona showed me the photo above when we were both crazy over the “omg we should totally get a puppy!!! it’s sooooooooooo cuteeee….!! awwwww….. i want i want i want!!! puppy phase 😛

But Wing Kin reckoned I won’t be able to take care of it ‘cos I’m still renting. I might end up upsetting the neighbors and will have to give away/sell the puppy in the end. Or I might get broke because I’ll have to spend moolahs on dog food, treats, injections, grooming etc. So yeah, no puppies, ultimate disappointment. I was telling Fi how awesome it was to get a puppy! Imagine TV nights with a cute, cuddly puppy to cuddle or just sit next to you! Or, or, or, coming home to a puppy with its googoo longing eyes, looking at you, aww…… And, and, walking your dog! It sounds awesome!! Maybe that’ll help me to lose weight too since I hardly take long walks! Le sigh… The awesomeness of having a pet dog.

And it seems like it’s a sign from above that I AM to get a pet dog or something, ‘cos later that night, Meng told Fi that his friend is giving out a Chihuahua for FREE! Freebiessss! Who doesn’t love freebies? I’m not really a fan of Chihuahuas but I was that desperate that moment that any dogs would do, HAHAHAHA. 🙄 After a long battle with my conscience (lol), I decided not to get it. If I wanted to get one, I’ll get the Jack Russell instead, hehe.

So I wrote to the real estate agent the next day to ask if it’s alright with the landlord to allow pets in his property. Sadly, the reply was no. Not because the landlord’s against it (we’ve met him and he’s pretty nice) but because it’s an apartment and most tenants of the complex decided not to allow pets in the complex. BOOHOO!

Guess the only way for me to have a pet is when I get my own house. Or when I move out next year to a rental property (preferrably a house) that’ll allow pets 😉


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2 thoughts on “Short-Term Happiness”

  1. lol.. I want one too!!
    But for me…I would have to wait till I get my masters and is working fulltime. Coz Im sooo broke at the moment!!:(
    So, did Fiona end up getting the Chihuahua at the end??
    If i could, I would get a golden retriever. im happy over ntg. lol


    1. She didn’t get it… Meng isn’t really fond on Chihuahuas, lol.. I LOVE GOLDEN RETRIEVER TOO! But I thought it’s too big for my small apartment so I put high hopes on smaller dogs instead =(


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