Trip to Pemberton

I have dozens of photos to show from my trip down south to Pemberton, WA. I just spent the past hour choosing, resizing, and uploading the photos I guess bedtime’s gonna be late again tonight 😦

Anyhoo, my trip to Pemberton, yes. I wasn’t very excited about the trip at first because I only got back to Perth that morning and didn’t get to sleep till about 4 a.m. thanks to the flight delay! 😑 Luckily I wasn’t asked to drive so I could at least catch some sleep in the car. But something unlucky had to happen to me that day. My water bottle in my bag was leaking and my cell phone was in there too T_T My poor phone died immediately after I discovered it. /sob

So I was thinking to myself, this is gonna be one of those real vacations where I won’t be able to get phone calls, emails, online messages and whatnot.


We stopped by Donnybrook for lunch – grabbed some pies from the Big Apple Bakery.


My colleagues. Yes, all girls and no boys! Now you know why I’m not very motivated to go to work everyday, HAHAHAHA.


The views just spell beautiful! The weather wasn’t very good with slight rain every now and then but the views were still breathtaking. It’s one thing you don’t get to see if you were to travel up north.


Love it when the skies are not gloomy!


And after what seemed like forever (seriously), we arrived at the Karri Valley Resort. This was a bonus trip paid by the company to well, provide us employees incentives & rewards for our good performance throughout the year so it’d better be good! LOL.


Again, simply heart-tugging views. You can fish by the lake or just sit by the lake with a good book. Simply relax and breathe. =)

Little girl

Or count your little fingers… =P


I think you can swim to that platform thingy during the summer. Hmm, seems very American-teenage-horror-movie like! Teenage couple skinny-dipping and then Boy gets attacked by unknown lake monster. Girl screams and swims ashore as fast as she can.


We stayed in one of the chalets that look like this. Hey now don’t judge the chalet by its logs (wtf?) HAHAHA, it’s actually quite modern-looking inside.


See? This is the living area with an open kitchen. Complete with TV & DVD player but you don’t actually get TV reception there -_- The point is to rent some DVDs from the reception or bring your own.


Old-school fireplace!! How awesome! We baked sweet potatoes & roasted marshmallows one night and they were so yummy! Yes, we did it the proper way – with twigs and all πŸ˜‰


Bags and bags of groceries to prepare meals.


Bedroom #1. My colleague and I shared a room. I slept on the one on the left, hehe.


Two other colleagues took Room #2.

I didn’t take any photos of the master bedroom cos my bosses and their daughter were in it hahaha.


A nice balcony/veranda.

In bed

We had dinner at the Lakeside Restaurant that night. Didn’t take any photos ‘cos I was too lazy to carry my camera around. I had seafood chowder & sirloin steak I was so full I couldn’t even finish my main. When we got back, I was exhausted and couldn’t wait to get into bed. It was veeeery cold and I didn’t have socks on so the best option would be to snuggle in bed and sleep!

RIP Nokia

The next day, I tried to revive my phone again but to no avail 😦 Even until this day, the phone is still not working.

Foggy morning

It was a foggy morning. The air was fresh and the birds were singing. This is good for the soul I suppose πŸ™‚


Bosses took us fishing in the morning at King Trout Restaurant and Marron Farm.


The baits we used. Looks filthy I know! They stink too!

Horny males

These were horny male fishes which were waiting under the bridge for female fishes to swim to them so they could ahem ahem. We were told it’s the mating season now, hahaha.


They were HUGE and it would be cheating if I were to fish from the bridge! BUT I DID. HAHAHA. That’s ‘cos none of us caught ANY fish at all after trying for about 2 hours! My boss tried fishing from the bridge at first but the fishes weren’t interested in his bait, lol. I was just trying my luck before we left, wasn’t expecting for any fish to be greedy at all but YAY!!!! I caught one! We three girls were screaming in excitement and didn’t really know what to do. A man who witnessed the whole thing told me to pull the fish to the side of the bridge so we could scoop it up with a fishing net so we did.


I know I don’t look like I was the one who caught the fish. T_T My colleague helped me to scoop the fish up so I thought oh well, we’ll take a photo together! Hehehe…

Caught fish

It was a HUUUUUGE male trout and everyone who came over to have a look said it was BEAUTIFUL/HANDSOME! :mrgreen: It weighed about 1.65 kgs if I remember correctly.


Later on, we went to a restaurant in the town area for lunch. This is the Chicken & Mushroom potpie I’d been going on and on about. Sooooo delicious.


Choccino for kids!! Uber-cute!

Lavender farm

Next stop was the lavender & berry farm. Soooooo pretty I wish I could have picnics there everyday!



But to my disappointment, I didn’t find FIELDS and FIELDS of lavender as I had already imagined in my mind. I was thinking oh, oh, that would be an awesome place to take photos then! Just sleep in the field of lavender and TADA! Pretty pretty shot! But nooo, we only got to see lavender bushes -_- They were good enough I suppose. I kept sniffing at the lavenders for the lavender scent like some psycho, HAHAHAHA.

Feeding birds

We went to the Walpole Treetop Climb thingy after that but all of us were afraid of heights so yeah, none of us even made the effort to make it to the top. Some other tourists did though. It was too creepy for me, no safety precautions or anything. Still makes me shiver at the thought of it! A generous man gave us some bread crumbs before we left though, so the colorful birds would come to us and we could take photos with them!! They kinda freaked me out a little at first ‘cos I didn’t expect their claws to be that sharp. One of them even landed on my head T_T

All in all, it was a good trip, hehehe, and I had good fun!

Ribbed scarf

And the scarf that you see me wearing? I knitted that! /shy 😳


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