Chocolate by Yasmin Ahmad

Chocolate by the late Yasmin Ahmad.

One of the most favorable interpretations of the clip by Jason Tan:

Yasmin Ahmad had portrayed the ordinary life of the Chinese minority that many still consider to be the “richer” class among the others. However in bitter reality, the Chinese are striving as hard as the other races just to make a better living and yet, they are not getting the same incentives and benefits equally as Malaysians and they consider going abroad is the gateway to a more comfortable life and escape from the constant prejudice. It also portrays that the inequality among races have sparked prejudice and discontent towards the Muslim community, but despite all this, the Chinese still accept and tolerate the fact and reality. This interpretation is portrayed by Yasmin when the boy still puts the piece of chocolate on the table for the Malay girl if she returns even she has no money to pay for it. It also teaches us a lesson to learn to take and to give between races.

Thought provoking, isn’t it?

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