This Itch

You know every month after I get my pay, I have this itch, this annoying itch that urges me to spend money on something lavish. GRRRR. I’ve been browsing through online catalogs of handbags for the past 3 hours. Those photos of over-priced handbags with perfect craftsmanship are EVIL!!! I was positively sure at one point that I was gonna go into the store tomorrow, pick the bag that I want, and swipe my credit card. Absolutely positive of that happening tomorrow.

And then I weakened. (Sigh lack of strong will and determination)

No way am I gonna spend one-third of my salary to get a handbag, right? What am I gonna eat next month? Grass? With that amount of money I can buy another big screen HD LCD TV so why am I spending it on a bag? Oh and what about this, I can buy soooooo many clothes with that money too! So yea, I need to trample myself back and forth (mentally) so I shall resist myself from all these evil temptations of designers’ goods. (Hmm, come to think about it I’m not really saving if I were to spend it on something else ya, hahahahahaha)

Anywayyys, I shall save the money and do so for the next couple of months so when I look at my bank account I’ll go OMG I can so afford a **** bag and a **** this and a **** that now!!! That will be an awesome feeling. But I shall try to resist the temptation then too! And maybe just buy ONE that I reaaaaaally want /cheeky grin

Resist the Temptation


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

7 thoughts on “This Itch”

    1. I have so many in mind!!!! But if I were to visit Melbourne, Sydney or Europe anytime soon, I’ll probably save up for a Chanel 😛


  1. Chanel handbag???????? omg omg omg…. Melbourne and Sydney so near only!!! use Jetstar very cheap, faster come! and spend all your money on Chanel LV Gucci Prada MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHA……


    1. Hahahaha wtf why u so evil one?? Nah I did a survey already. Chanel bags in Aus are like twice the price they charge in Europe or US. So it’s more worthwhile to get them there loh!! See who’s gonna go there for a holiday I tumpang them to help me buy bag HAHAHA!


  2. im going im going i help u buy!!!!
    but need to charge service charge also… so the price also gonna be twice the amount.. mUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA come on baby!


    1. LOL WHAT THE. U serious or not!! When’re u going? If you change me twice then i don’t wanna buy anymore T_T I ask someone else to buy for me, lol.


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