Ben’s 26th

Last night Wing Kin and I were invited to Ben’s belated birthday dinner at Restaurant Jun in the city. We got him a Little Big Planet PS3 game since he wanted me to knit him a sackboy but I’m too lazy to work on it so I thought oh well, just get him the game then, hahahahaha.

Anyway, we parked our car at the nearest CPP and took a walk there. And guess what lah….. Twinny you can’t guess ‘cos I already told you, lol.

Okay, I fell down on the street T_T

I was looking out for a car that was driving out of an alley so I wanted to stop and let them go first but I didn’t know the road was uneven, placed all my weight on my left leg, and on top of that, my shoe sole has worn out so I SLIPPED! Or shall I say, slipped gracefully with one leg forward. Soooo embarrassing…. T_T

When Wing Kin helped me up, the driver drove the car forward a little and the lady on the passenger seat asked if I was okay 😥 I was okay actually, just very paiseh of the whole incident and Kin couldn’t help but laughed at me… -_-


This is me trying to stay cheerful despite falling down on the street just less than 5 minutes ago, HAHAHAHA.

This photo looks like a poster of a Japanese horror movie, right right right? My jacket matches the door as well how cool is that!


The happy birthday boy + his date for the night Yi Wen, lol.

The awesome thing about this restaurant is that the waitress is soooooo super kawaii cute!!! We were all ga-ga over her, hahaha. And there were heaps and heaps of Japanese customers as well, which is always a good thing ‘cos that’ll mean the food’s close to what they have back home and not some westernized version of Japanese food.


Some bigger-than-ikan-bilis-lookalike served with LOTS of MSG.

I forgot to take photos of the first 2 dishes ‘cos I was too busy eating/hungry. 1st up was raw baby octopus, 2nd sashimi.


*Drools* This was yummy, especially the chicken skin! Japanese satay, lol. I could have 20 sticks of those chicken skins I tell you!!


You can’t go wrong with tori karaage + Japanese mayo 😉


Clams in sake? Delicious! I ended up drowning my rice in the sake sauce ‘cos it was that yummy, hahaha.


I think this was beef, didn’t really like it. We also had ox tongue afterwards but no photos.


Weeeee~ One of my favorite desserts – green tea ice-cream!


On our way home. BB Cream is the SCHNITZ!!!

I used to rely on my M.A.C. powder so much but not anymore! I don’t put on makeup during workdays so my skin can breathe more but I do doll myself up a bit for some occasions and when I do, I’ll just use BB cream as my base/foundation/concealer. It gives me pretty good coverage so I don’t really need touch-ups or whatsoever.


Okay, that’s enough vain photos from me tonight hehe. Did I have to start and end the post with photos of myself, really? 😛


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6 thoughts on “Ben’s 26th”

  1. hahahahahahaha!!! i cannot imagine girl!!! hahahaa! mesti you try to cover malu kan~ hahahahhaa

    but the first picture loookkk sooo cool~ loook like in the movie and got mist and all..~i like it~ hehe.. and the food look soo YUMMY~ hehee..


    1. Yessss so embarrassing! I almost fell out when I was outside the office again this morning T_T I don’t know why am I so clumsy nowadays ahhaahha…

      The picture is cool cos of the venue i think lol. dark dark alley 😛


    1. REALLY!??? what a coincidence, AGAIN! lol!!

      the food was good! although a bit pricey but i think it was pretty standard… thankssss 😳


    1. HAHAHAHA yala! I was like, “how can you laugh at me?? i fell down!! :(”

      i love that red jacket too!! it’s a bit ghostly when u see it in photos though, lol.


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