Surprise, Baby!

I came home tired and weary from my CA class today, but found out that Wing Kin had a surprise gift for me! :mrgreen:

Could it be what I’ve been dreading to get for the past week??


No, not a designer’s bag you silly… 😛

He bought me 3 packs of POLAROID FILMS!

600 Type Film

And they are expensive!! Well, not obscenely expensive but it’s about 3 bucks per film so yeah, I suppose I can’t really take random candid shots with them. Have to make sure I frame everything almost perfectly well and that there are no errors ‘cos you can’t simply “delete” it when the outcome isn’t favorable.

Wing Kin took the first 2 shots of me. We were both so sakai so see the film rolling out and changing from a blank piece of glossy paper to a photo! HAHA! It was soooo cool! I’m gonna grow to love polaroids so much from now on, I just know it! Technically, I started loving it even before I started using it. Does that make any sense at all? 😆 Gosh I love this emoticon, it’s hilarious!

My 2nd Polaroid

I’ve also started using my dad’s vintage Pentax ME Super which is a film camera. Bought some cheap, dodgy films from Coles for like 10 bucks for 3 packs? Darn cheap! As interesting as it may sound, I don’t know whether the photos are gonna turn out nice or not. The shutter speed is killingly slowwww so I’m not really sure I wanna get the films processed or not ‘cos what if they all turn out to be blank/washed out/black/blurry?!? I’d be spending money to process films of blank photos 😥 Imagine that look on the guy’s face when he hands me the photos.

Guy: Here are your photos. Lemme have a look… *Takes out photos from envelope* *Unpleasant look on his face* *Pauses*

Me: … *Nervous*

Guy: Well, I’m not really sure what you’re trying to achieve here but I’m thinking there should be something artistic to it *Tries hard to comfort me*

Gee… thanks!

By the way, you can now rate my posts and comments!! Just recently discovered this feature on WordPress and thought I’d try it out a little. I know there’re plenty of silent readers here, I don’t mind if you don’t leave comments or whatsoever (I know the pleasure of reading/following blogs as well and most often than not, I don’t leave any comments but I enjoy reading them just as much!), but now you can rate the posts according to your liking, which is so simple and hassle-free! So do try that out yeah?

Until then, buhbye!

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