Mandurah Day Trip

Mandurah 1

Kin and I had a short day trip to Mandurah yesterday after church. It’s about an hour’s drive from Perth. The weather was perfect for an open-top ride so Kin drove his CRX.

Had late lunch at Cicerello’s with a spectacular view from the first floor. I don’t know if it’s because I was hungry or what but the food actually tasted better than Freo’s. Hmm.

Mandurah 2

It was so relaxing that afternoon. You can hire bikes or boats if you want to. I personally would love to hire a boat, sail it to the middle of the lake, have some champagne, have a good book, or just sunbathe with the music on. Someday.


I haven’t been in the sun for ages I thought it was finally time to get some. You see, I work from Monday to Friday. I wake up at 8:30 a.m., get to work at 9 a.m., finish at 5 p.m. and by that time, the sun is already gone (winter season). Thank God it’s spring now! That means I get to see more of the sun 🙂

Beach House

Mandurah has sooooo many pretty houses I tell ya. But if I were given a choice to 1) buy a HUGE house in Mandurah at a cheaper price or 2) buy a standard house in Perth at a costly price :(, I’d still choose 2) ‘cos Mandurah’s just too far away from the city. Imagine my family visiting the next time. I pick them up from the airport and I tell my mum, “Ma, let’s go to my awesome house! You guys would love it! /smirk” So they all get hyped and excited on the way home. But what they do not know is that it’s gonna be a 1.5 hours drive to get home wahahahaha. Eh shit, that means I have to drive to the airport 1.5 hours before they arrive. Wtf.


There was this new boardwalk thing on Boardwalk Avenue.

Boardwalk 2

The view was beaaaautiful. So envious of all the house owners next to this beach!

Boardwalk 3

Was dead tired by the end of the day lol. It was worth it though.


Sophia & Lambda’s Jewellery Launch Party

Edit: Fixed the images’ links issue (some photos were disappearing from the post previously).

Sophia & Lambda's Jewellery Launch Party 1

On Friday evening, I attended Sophia & Lambda’s Jewellery Launch Party in Mount Hawthorn. It was more like a chill-out house party with some girlfriends – with plenty of champagne, nibbles, laughs and well, bling-blings, hehe. I was 2 and a half hours late for the party ‘cos I couldn’t decide whether to show up or not. I was in a chill-at-home mode after a light drinking session at the office that evening (our boss is attempting a Friday-get-together-chill-out-and-drink-yo session with us now, just like the architects next door, except that we don’t have stereos playing classical or jazzy tunes to soothe our minds even more. Baby Starcya was there though and she loves giving me hugs and kisses aww…)

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As much as I love photography, fashion, and those cute little oh-so-retro thingies, I find it so hard to squeeze out some time for self-indulgence these days. I haven’t been out taking photos for ages! The only time I got to cam-whore a little (photo above) was after dinner on Friday with hottie Sophia and her Vietnamese friends.

My last week was occupied with nothing but books I was cooped up at home for 6 days I almost died of boredom @ stress from facing exam. My stress-related diarrhea came to visit and it wasn’t very pleasant. The funny thing is I don’t think I lost an inch from all that loo visits. Ha!

Post-exam syndrome was terribly scary for me. I was desperately wanting to splurge yesterday after my 3-hour paper. I just wanted to buy something. Anything! There I was in JBHifi, contemplating whether to get a portable DVD player, a digicam (Kin lost the Sony), a video camcorder, or an amplifier (see how weird this gets? I don’t even need one). Then I was in Quiksilver and I saw this really cute red bikini with white polka-dots. So retro! And that cute tiny pair of hot pants! Well, thanks to the bf, I managed to walk out of the shops without spending a single cent! Heh. I don’t know about this Saturday though. Mmm……

I have a new-found love – Nissin beef flavored noodle is the bomb! I think I had it at least twice a day during the revision week. It doesn’t sound so bad but if you multiply it by 6 days that’s scary shit. Now I miss Maggi Asam Laksa =( And Maggi Kari Ayam. Maggi Ayam. AHHHHHHHH~ Oh, have I ever mentioned that Maggi instant noodles in Australia are just inedible?!?! When my brother first came to visit 2 years ago, he bought this chicken & corn flavored Maggi mee. CHICKEN & CORN. Make bao su tang is it! So one arvo, he decided to cook that packet of noodle and just out of my stupid curiosity, I decided to taste it a little. Guess what. It actually tasted SWEET! What the…… When you’re hungry and you desperately need to fill your tummy, you DON’T eat something sweet. That’s just wrong. What were they thinking!! Do Aussies actually find that tasty? Well that’s just ONE of the many weird- & disgusting-flavored Maggi mee you can get here. I have yet to try the legendary beef flavored Maggi mee (exclusively available only in Aus), lol.

Mm’kay, bedtime for me. G’nite fairies and princesses wtf.


Simply love this!!! Cheok Heng sent me a link to this video last night and I just went awwwww……

Jason is adorably cute in there 😳

There could be a Stacey/Jason somewhere out there just for you. =)

RIP Puppy

Tinker gave birth to a puppy last night…… But the puppy did not survive 😥

I don’t know if it was a premature pup or not but mum said it was really, really tiny… like a mouse, but in a cute way.

I can’t help but feel so sad…… Although I was so angry that Tinker got “raped” by our neighbor’s dog(s) and got knocked up. STILL, it was a puppy and it died! SO SAD!!!! 😦

Poor Tinker kept licking it the whole day and carried it with her everywhere. I don’t think she knows her baby died. SIGH.

Well, I’m hoping there’re more puppies in Tinker’s tummy and she’ll pop out healthy ones soon. 😕

Edit: Tinker gave birth to another dead puppy… Long sigh… The puppy looks fine, no signs of defect or anything. Tinker probably broke the sac while delivering and had difficulty pushing the pup out hence it suffocated and died 😦 Boo…..

Floral Tights

Floral tights

Photo by Fiona.

I never noticed how cute they could be, until inspired by Qing. =) They’re perfect to give you a touch of feminity anywhere you go.

Girl in floral tights

Polaroid by Wing Kin.

Purr military jacket, Mode by Victoria’s Secret tube dress, Topshop floral tights, Scooter’s leather boots.

Had a quick shopping fix in dotti yesterday after work – 2 camis, 1 bat-wing top and a dress. I’m very tempted to get another camera lens tomorrow but that’ll cost me a few hundred bucks… Sigh.

I feel like having a photoshoot tomorrow, but what I really should spend my weekend on, is books (I have exactly 11 more days to go till my exam and I have not read a single word up till now!)

I want Wing Kin to help me dye my hair but he refuses to 😦

Alrighty, I should go to bed now. Been chasing episodes of The Little Nyonya like crazy these few nights and the lack of sleep has given me breakouts 😡 Time for me to catch up on my beauty sleep! /yawns

Self-Congratulatory Note

Congrats Jess, you did a good job this year! Congrats on the promotion & pay rise :mrgreen:

Last night’s little celebration with Kin at Sizzler’s almost ended disastrously – we were almost bloated to death. I love performance appraisals. Can’t wait for the next one to come around 😆

♪♫ I hear shopping ringing in my head, in my head… It’s calling out my name, out my name… ♪♫

Nah. I’ll save the designer’s bag dream when I finish my CA units. As a reward you see… So I’ll feel less guilty when I swipe the card. HA!

I shall make some salad for dinner tonight. I feel like I’m a big chunk of meat today. /shudders

My European Dream

My European Dream

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Orange Juice?

I had my performance appraisal with my boss on Wednesday evening. Everything went well until she went, “There’s one thing that I notice though. Your sick leave.”

“Your sick leave’s not negative I know. Well there’s winter flu during winter, but during summer, spring… So, what do you think we can do to help you Jess? Have orange juice? Or vitamins in the office?”


On a happier note, I think I’m getting a promotion or some sort so there should be a promising pay rise behind all these? 🙂

Love Polaroids

Love polaroids

Spring is the season of love. Spread the love around to your friends, parents, children, workmates, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, loved ones. This is a season promising love, sweet scent, and butterflies in your stomachs.

A friend said, spring is coming!

Even lalang has flowers, wanna weed them also feel bad.


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