Floral Tights

Floral tights

Photo by Fiona.

I never noticed how cute they could be, until inspired by Qing. =) They’re perfect to give you a touch of feminity anywhere you go.

Girl in floral tights

Polaroid by Wing Kin.

Purr military jacket, Mode by Victoria’s Secret tube dress, Topshop floral tights, Scooter’s leather boots.

Had a quick shopping fix in dotti yesterday after work – 2 camis, 1 bat-wing top and a dress. I’m very tempted to get another camera lens tomorrow but that’ll cost me a few hundred bucks… Sigh.

I feel like having a photoshoot tomorrow, but what I really should spend my weekend on, is books (I have exactly 11 more days to go till my exam and I have not read a single word up till now!)

I want Wing Kin to help me dye my hair but he refuses to 😦

Alrighty, I should go to bed now. Been chasing episodes of The Little Nyonya like crazy these few nights and the lack of sleep has given me breakouts 😡 Time for me to catch up on my beauty sleep! /yawns


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