As much as I love photography, fashion, and those cute little oh-so-retro thingies, I find it so hard to squeeze out some time for self-indulgence these days. I haven’t been out taking photos for ages! The only time I got to cam-whore a little (photo above) was after dinner on Friday with hottie Sophia and her Vietnamese friends.

My last week was occupied with nothing but books I was cooped up at home for 6 days I almost died of boredom @ stress from facing exam. My stress-related diarrhea came to visit and it wasn’t very pleasant. The funny thing is I don’t think I lost an inch from all that loo visits. Ha!

Post-exam syndrome was terribly scary for me. I was desperately wanting to splurge yesterday after my 3-hour paper. I just wanted to buy something. Anything! There I was in JBHifi, contemplating whether to get a portable DVD player, a digicam (Kin lost the Sony), a video camcorder, or an amplifier (see how weird this gets? I don’t even need one). Then I was in Quiksilver and I saw this really cute red bikini with white polka-dots. So retro! And that cute tiny pair of hot pants! Well, thanks to the bf, I managed to walk out of the shops without spending a single cent! Heh. I don’t know about this Saturday though. Mmm……

I have a new-found love – Nissin beef flavored noodle is the bomb! I think I had it at least twice a day during the revision week. It doesn’t sound so bad but if you multiply it by 6 days that’s scary shit. Now I miss Maggi Asam Laksa =( And Maggi Kari Ayam. Maggi Ayam. AHHHHHHHH~ Oh, have I ever mentioned that Maggi instant noodles in Australia are just inedible?!?! When my brother first came to visit 2 years ago, he bought this chicken & corn flavored Maggi mee. CHICKEN & CORN. Make bao su tang is it! So one arvo, he decided to cook that packet of noodle and just out of my stupid curiosity, I decided to taste it a little. Guess what. It actually tasted SWEET! What the…… When you’re hungry and you desperately need to fill your tummy, you DON’T eat something sweet. That’s just wrong. What were they thinking!! Do Aussies actually find that tasty? Well that’s just ONE of the many weird- & disgusting-flavored Maggi mee you can get here. I have yet to try the legendary beef flavored Maggi mee (exclusively available only in Aus), lol.

Mm’kay, bedtime for me. G’nite fairies and princesses wtf.


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “Restrained”

  1. I was conned into buying chicken flavoured Maggi. Al warned me it wouldn’t be the same as Malaysia’s but the stubborn me wouldn’t listen >.< Was so craving for that salty Maggi then, but Australian's Maggi is just terribly sweet. Gah!


    1. Why is it sweeeeeeeettttt right???? I just don’t get it! Well you’ve learnt your lesson to not buy Aussie Maggi mee from now on hehe 😛

      Btw, I actually do find some “original” Maggi mee from oriental shops still! They’re NEVER in the supermarkets like Safeway, Coles, Woolies.. but yeah, try the oriental shops! And check for packages that have BM writings on them, those should be the real deals 😉


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