Mandurah Day Trip

Mandurah 1

Kin and I had a short day trip to Mandurah yesterday after church. It’s about an hour’s drive from Perth. The weather was perfect for an open-top ride so Kin drove his CRX.

Had late lunch at Cicerello’s with a spectacular view from the first floor. I don’t know if it’s because I was hungry or what but the food actually tasted better than Freo’s. Hmm.

Mandurah 2

It was so relaxing that afternoon. You can hire bikes or boats if you want to. I personally would love to hire a boat, sail it to the middle of the lake, have some champagne, have a good book, or just sunbathe with the music on. Someday.


I haven’t been in the sun for ages I thought it was finally time to get some. You see, I work from Monday to Friday. I wake up at 8:30 a.m., get to work at 9 a.m., finish at 5 p.m. and by that time, the sun is already gone (winter season). Thank God it’s spring now! That means I get to see more of the sun 🙂

Beach House

Mandurah has sooooo many pretty houses I tell ya. But if I were given a choice to 1) buy a HUGE house in Mandurah at a cheaper price or 2) buy a standard house in Perth at a costly price :(, I’d still choose 2) ‘cos Mandurah’s just too far away from the city. Imagine my family visiting the next time. I pick them up from the airport and I tell my mum, “Ma, let’s go to my awesome house! You guys would love it! /smirk” So they all get hyped and excited on the way home. But what they do not know is that it’s gonna be a 1.5 hours drive to get home wahahahaha. Eh shit, that means I have to drive to the airport 1.5 hours before they arrive. Wtf.


There was this new boardwalk thing on Boardwalk Avenue.

Boardwalk 2

The view was beaaaautiful. So envious of all the house owners next to this beach!

Boardwalk 3

Was dead tired by the end of the day lol. It was worth it though.


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6 thoughts on “Mandurah Day Trip”

  1. girl! do you actually took all of the pictures ka???It was super awesome!!! seriously~ and you loOk just the way i know you from before~ super cute and pretty~ love that place la girl! yeah that place suit to be your summer house..cause soo far from the city ba kan~ but if only i can live there it would be heaven! nice view…nice house..quiet and peaceful…beachhhh! i become nelayan for income~ hahaha..


    1. Yes girl I took the photos hehehehe… 😳 IF ONLY we can live there right! And not worry about money, career, etc. just live happily with ur family, friends etc. That would be the perfect world!


    1. Thanks!!! Yea you should! Although I can’t say Perth is interesting, but if you like shopping and all that, you should at least go to Sydney & Melbourne 🙂


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