Time to Get Busy

It’s going to be a busy weekend for me.

My colleague gave me 2 free tickets to the movies and they’re expiring tomorrow so I have to find time to squeeze myself in for some big screen entertainment.

I have a 7.5 hours of focus session this Saturday for my CA program. Yep, I managed to write in to them so they had switched me to the 2-weekends classes instead of the 4-weekdays classes. Yay! 😀

My result for my audit unit will be released at noon today. 😯 I don’t think I prayed hard enough this time 😦

Halloween is this Saturday as well! I initially wanted to organize a small little Halloween party so people can dress up and have some silly fun together but I thought, what if I fail my exam? I wouldn’t be in a mood for a party at all! 😦 So yea… No halloween party I suppose.

It’s bayi’s 24th birthday this Sunday!!! Hehehehehe. Will bake him a birthday cake on that day 🙂 Well technically, I’ll use it as a birthday cake only if it comes out presentable! Otherwise, someone will just have to buy him a cake, hahahahaha!!! But ey! Should still eat my cake okay! There should be some sort of a birthday party that day. I’m contemplating between a BBQ or a pot luck. Hmmm……

So it doesn’t seem like a bad weekend at all! Except that I have an assignment due in like… 10 DAYS!

Ok back to work bye.


Lard = The Glory of Kolo Mee


I FINALLY FOUND IT!!! I may have not blogged about this before but I went through a period of time where I craved for gan mien soooo much so I googled up recipes for kolo mee and well, guess what I found!!! The heavenly kolo mee recipe by studentonabudget!!! My gosh I was soooo excited, so happy, so touched (‘cos finally can eat gan mien in Australia T_T), so emo etc wtf.

BUT! I was basically thrown back to hell after being in heaven for that few minutes – because I found out that I’d need lard for the ingredients. And no, I can’t substitute it for any other oil/animal fat/vegetable fat/whatever ‘cos it just won’t taste the same!

At first I was hopeful. I thought I’d be able to find them as long as my will is strong and my heart is determined (wtf). But most of the supermarkets I visited disappointed me. Well, I found duck fat and ducks are not pigs are they. =( So I thought oh well, maybe I’ll have to try oriental stores instead since Asians are more likely to cook & consume unhealthy food compared to the angmohs, hahahaha. But everytime I asked the owners of the stores if they sell lard, they look at me like I’m a crazy woman asking if they sell cow dung 😦

In the end, I had NO CHOICE but to buy a block of animal fat from the supermarket WTFFFF. The result of my first gan mien attempt? FAIL. I think the animal fat was a mixture of lamb fat/duck fat/chicken fat/pork fat that I felt sick at just the thought of it. But I finished my plate nonetheless. /digs throat and vomits

Several months later…… I was browsing through the cheese and dips area in IGA one evening and suddenly, my instincts told me to look at the 38th item from the left on the top row and I just couldn’t believe my eyes ‘cos the 4 sweet letters on that white innocent tub spelt L-A-R-D.

This time, the dish tasted sooooooo much better although I still can’t find the perfect noodles to imitate the real thing.

Gan mien lovers overseas or in Semenanjung who crave for a bowl of goodness now should IMMEDIATELY RUSH OUT TO GET YOUR TUB OF LARD AND START COOKING!

A zillion thanks to studentonabudget once again!

I love my lard. 😀

Bad Day

What makes a bad day for me?

  • Repetitive errors at work. Don’t know how many trees I cut down today with all those papers that I printed 😦
  • Having a dimwit client for forgetting her appointment with me at LUNCH TIME. I couldn’t head out for lunch and finally resolved to cooking instant noodles in the office pantry. Argh!
  • Irritable bowel syndrome. Diarrhea twice today. Ugh!
  • Freaking spilled soy sauce all over myself, my study material, my chair, the floor during dinner. And I thought having free dinner was such a blessing (client brought us sushi and fresh skin spring rolls this evening)! Not that it isn’t, but something bad just had to happen to me. 😦
  • PMS. Yes, blame it all on PMS. Having crazy, dramatic mood swings now! Smelling like soy sauce now doesn’t help a least bit either.
  • Shaped internet. Seriously, 64kbps? I’m amazed that I can still load blogs that I read though.

Guess the only good thing that happened to me today was watching “The Queen” by Helen Mirren. Loved it!

Nutty Transformation

Comic Jess






Comic Jess 2






I’m just kidding.

Twinny, I was wearing the necklace you gave me =)

Roti Canai

Yours truly attempted an Indian cuisine yesterday – none other than the famous Roti Canai dish! Man, I missed roti canai sooo much and everytime I order one in Makan-Makan, I get drowned in disappointment. They don’t even serve you any meat at all! Just a big piece of bread with a stingy scoop of curry sauce. And it isn’t even tasty =(

Roti Prata

This time around, I decided to cook this dish myself! Well, it wasn’t entirely done by myself. I bought the curry paste from Kong’s Oriential supermarket. Just needed to add chicken pieces, potatoes & coconut milk, lol. Oh, and I didn’t make the roti prata myself too. Kong’s sells frozen ones and they taste exactly the same like the ones you find back in Malaysia – minus the freshness.

Curry Chicken

The result? It was sooooo, sooooo good. I added a bit of water to the curry since Wing Kin can’t take spicy food and guess what, he loved it! I came home from church (cooked the dish before I left the house) and he was telling me how abso*******lutely awesome it was, hahahahaha.

So I sat down at the dining table, thrilled with anticipation while he served me my plate. He insisted I tear & dip the bread with my hands, hahahaha and that very first taste was foodorgasmic!

I can sell this thing man!

A Worth of Sacrifice

Watched this on Facebook just then. Link provided by Heidi. It’s so so touching I cried.

It’s always important to remind ourselves that God loved us SO much that He gave His only Son for us.

Do we choose to be ignorant like the people on the train? Or to be grateful with what’s given to us?

John 3:16 – For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but will have eternal life.

A Woman

You know you’re a woman when you wake up from your dream, mad at your boyfriend/husband/partner for something he didn’t do. 😉


  • Can’t wait to get my little fingers on you, my precious ones. This is what paydays do to me. It gives me a compulsive spending habit I can’t kick off.
  • Oh, oh, Wing Kin bought a carton of beer today. I’ve never had so many bottles of beer sitting in my fridge before, ever. We enjoyed our cold beer on a hot evening just then. The temperature hit slightly above 30 today. Not TOO warm but warm enough for you to complain.
  • I am soooo good with kids you cannot believe it (shows off haha). My boss’ baby girl loves kissing me and she kissed me twice yesterday, because I’m awesome like that 😆
  • During a meeting yesterday, my client told me to have more green bean tong sui to keep my body heat down. I think she noticed my new break-outs 😦 and to think that the last time she visited with her mum and son, she cut me off halfway through our meeting that I’ve gotten really pretty… -_- The mum was like, “女大十八变啊!真的!” (lui dai sub but bin! really one!) wtf. Okay, I just took the opportunity to praise myself WHILE criticizing myself. How vain.

Anyway, I don’t see this going anywhere so I might just sign off now and go to bed, hahaha.

Goodnight everyone! I haven’t heard from you all much =( Please don’t be so quiet and say hi!


Edit: I didn’t pick up the phone calls. I recognized the number the first time he called. The second and third time, he used someone else’s number (think I wouldn’t figure it out? -_-) My unanswered calls automatically gets diverted to Wing Kin’s number. The stalker paused when he heard his voice, then hung up after a few seconds, HAHAHAHAH. After several minutes, he rang again. Same shit. Wing Kin’s voice, a pause, hung up, MUAHAHAHA. That should keep him from calling me anytime soon 😛 By the way, why didn’t anyone pick the “I have AIDS” vote? LOL LOL LOL LOL!

The Impossible Algebra

a + c = 433

a + b = 550

b + d = 781

c + d = 664

a + b + c + d = 1214

Spent 3 hours trying to figure this out today but to no avail. It’s just impossible.

Now aren’t you tempted to grab a piece of paper and a pen then try to work it out? 😉

Note: a, b, c & d can’t be 0.