Happy Mooncake Festival!

Happy Mooncake Festival / Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!!! I’m so happy today because after several years of mooncake- & tanglung-less Mooncake Festival in Perth for me, I finally got to eat mooncakes & play tanglung with someone this year!

Mooncake Festival

Was so thrilled when I saw these Made in China lanterns for sale in Kong’s Oriental Store today!! They look EXACTLY the same like the ones I used to play when I was a little kid. Awww……

Mooncakes are crazy expensive here. $9.50 for 1 but I got it anyway since today’s a special occasion and I wouldn’t wanna miss it for the world.

We actually wanted to carry the lanterns with Meng at his place tonight but since he had dinner plans with his aunts, we decided not to.

Kin and I decided to celebrate by ourselves at our car park downstairs, hahahaha! We played our tanglungs and ate the mooncake, while “admiring” the beauty of the moon, lol. The moon wasn’t like the moon we’d see in Miri on Mooncake Festival though. It isn’t as big and round and yellowish here, just bright and high up in the sky. I love moons that are low, big & yellowish. I only get to see them in rare occasions here. Do you still get them in Miri?

Mooncake Festival 2

We brought the camera & tripod along to take some photos =) Really love this one above.

Mooncake Festival 3

Hewwo~ We wish you a very Happy Mooncake Festival! Wish we had more company tonight though.

Mooncake Festival 4

Kin’s on the left and mine on the right.

Mooncake Festival 5

I love tanglungs! They’re so pretty!!!

How did you celebrate your Mooncake Festival?


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