The bf is busy playing FF-8 on his pc and I am soooooooo bored. I feel so neglected too. But this is better than him surfing the net, browsing for things to buy for his car. Hmm. So why am I complaining?

On a totally random note, I totally wanna get a baby now! My boss’ baby is giving me all this fuzziness I LOVE and the maternal instincts are just crying for attention right now!

I wanna do something exciting! I’m free this Saturday. Anyone up for a photoshoot with me?

FARKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just checked my timetable for the financial accounting unit I’m taking this semester and I’m not enrolled for the weekend focus sessions! That means I’ll have to attend 4 EFFIN’ NIGHTS of 6pm – 9:30pm classes. FML.


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7 thoughts on “Neglected”

  1. nernnny nernnny Boo Boo.. does suck sometimes.
    Ps. twinny..get a puppy…lets get the same ones!!:)
    my maternal instincts have been kicking in. if i was married, i’d try to get preggers hahaha..but coz im hooked on going online to see if anyone is giving away yorkies!
    THEy are just the cutest!! aarrrgg…


    1. I wanted to get a puppy before this! Almost bought it like 2 mths ago but had to check with our agent first. Unfortunately she told us that the owners of the apartment have agreed to not have pets in the complex… 😦 Boohoo! No puppies for me. Then I got crazy and started looking for new rental properties that allow pets to move in to, hahahahahahaha~

      Gee if I were married, I’d DEFINITELY try to get a baby now HAHAHA! Gila eager to have babies now!

      Yorkies are soooo cute! Especially when they’re so tiny!

      I also watched “Bolt” last night and went awwwwwwwwwwww so much.


      1. hahahhaha….
        Craazzzy…Our thought are so Crazy..thank goodness we have a frontal lobe that rationalizes things for me…I KNOWWw..
        My building doesnt allow pets too, but there are many cats!!:( I dont like cats though..
        I was like U too..I kept looking at new rental places..hahah and thinking of renting a house and get more housemates..
        Crazy crazy.. so extreme.

        So how are u doing hottie?
        miss U



        1. Doris: I misssss U too babe~~ U know what will be cool, going shopping for a puppy together hehehehe. AND AND i just had a silly thought. Walking our dogs together while being preggy together HAHAHAHA what the.

          im doing good good! have to go back to classes soon – so not looking forward to it but WHAT CAN I DO right? might as well suck it up! =(


          1. omgomg..that is such a bizarre thought! hahah…who knws..its a possibility!! hahaha.. Ya..i have exams or papers due every week..
            now I know why school kinda sucked hehe…
            Good Luck…

            ps. it was great chatting to u again last night.
            Can’t wait till u VISIT me here!! hahahahaaaaa…


  2. hahaahahhahahah u sud watch beverly hills chihuahua. i know i’m not that kinda movie person but it was a really good movie. drew barrymore in it so that’s a plus for me. i love pups too. i think i’ll get one once i get settled down.

    after jennifer, you faster tag along liaw! LOL then u can be as pregger as you can be 😛


    1. I watched Beverly Hills Chihuhua, but didn’t like it =( I prolly dig Bolt more cos in a cartoon, the puppy has this out of proportion big head and big eyes that make him super super cute!! LOL!!!


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