The Impossible Algebra

a + c = 433

a + b = 550

b + d = 781

c + d = 664

a + b + c + d = 1214

Spent 3 hours trying to figure this out today but to no avail. It’s just impossible.

Now aren’t you tempted to grab a piece of paper and a pen then try to work it out? 😉

Note: a, b, c & d can’t be 0.


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

6 thoughts on “The Impossible Algebra”

    1. Lol lol no no, I tried this method. But those will only be the answers if we assume a = 0. But if we don’t assume a = 0, we won’t get the results. 😦 that’s cos we’re missing 1 more equation.

      But we figured it out afterwards hahaha. THANKS FOR THE EFFORT THO~! “You should get in trouble”


  1. Hi ya GIrL!! this is very tempting!! at least i can exercise my brain a bit!! its getting rusty you see…hehee.. but what i get is a = 433, b = 117, c = 0 and d =664.. i kinda get the ans by substituing all the equation to the last one..i didnt asssume that a = 0..hhmmmm… yeah this is kinda an impossible algebra ya~ hahahaha. cause got every different answer~~~ hehehe


    1. Heyyyy girl! You tried it out too! LOL. See how it’s very weird cos one of the algebra becomes 0? The correct answer doesn’t have 0. a, b, c & d each is a number.

      But don’t worry, it’s not ‘cos we’re stupid. It’s just because we’re missing an equation 😛


  2. Hi Jess…hands got itchy while at work. my answer, a=-232, b=782, c=665, d=-1
    No zeros… so is this right? Doesnt seem like there’s a missing equation =)


    1. Hehe, nope. Actually, we made the equation because we needed to find the area of land after subdivision. So it’s very unlikely that area d of the land is -1 square metre big.

      The missing equation we had was a/b = c/d. With that, you can solve everything 🙂


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