Edit: I didn’t pick up the phone calls. I recognized the number the first time he called. The second and third time, he used someone else’s number (think I wouldn’t figure it out? -_-) My unanswered calls automatically gets diverted to Wing Kin’s number. The stalker paused when he heard his voice, then hung up after a few seconds, HAHAHAHAH. After several minutes, he rang again. Same shit. Wing Kin’s voice, a pause, hung up, MUAHAHAHA. That should keep him from calling me anytime soon 😛 By the way, why didn’t anyone pick the “I have AIDS” vote? LOL LOL LOL LOL!


Published by

Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

4 thoughts on “Help?”

    1. Yep! Totally annoyed. Good thing my phone calls are diverted to Wing Kin if I don’t pick them up and the person stopped calling after 2 times.


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