• Can’t wait to get my little fingers on you, my precious ones. This is what paydays do to me. It gives me a compulsive spending habit I can’t kick off.
  • Oh, oh, Wing Kin bought a carton of beer today. I’ve never had so many bottles of beer sitting in my fridge before, ever. We enjoyed our cold beer on a hot evening just then. The temperature hit slightly above 30 today. Not TOO warm but warm enough for you to complain.
  • I am soooo good with kids you cannot believe it (shows off haha). My boss’ baby girl loves kissing me and she kissed me twice yesterday, because I’m awesome like that 😆
  • During a meeting yesterday, my client told me to have more green bean tong sui to keep my body heat down. I think she noticed my new break-outs 😦 and to think that the last time she visited with her mum and son, she cut me off halfway through our meeting that I’ve gotten really pretty… -_- The mum was like, “女大十八变啊!真的!” (lui dai sub but bin! really one!) wtf. Okay, I just took the opportunity to praise myself WHILE criticizing myself. How vain.

Anyway, I don’t see this going anywhere so I might just sign off now and go to bed, hahaha.

Goodnight everyone! I haven’t heard from you all much =( Please don’t be so quiet and say hi!


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

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