Roti Canai

Yours truly attempted an Indian cuisine yesterday – none other than the famous Roti Canai dish! Man, I missed roti canai sooo much and everytime I order one in Makan-Makan, I get drowned in disappointment. They don’t even serve you any meat at all! Just a big piece of bread with a stingy scoop of curry sauce. And it isn’t even tasty =(

Roti Prata

This time around, I decided to cook this dish myself! Well, it wasn’t entirely done by myself. I bought the curry paste from Kong’s Oriential supermarket. Just needed to add chicken pieces, potatoes & coconut milk, lol. Oh, and I didn’t make the roti prata myself too. Kong’s sells frozen ones and they taste exactly the same like the ones you find back in Malaysia – minus the freshness.

Curry Chicken

The result? It was sooooo, sooooo good. I added a bit of water to the curry since Wing Kin can’t take spicy food and guess what, he loved it! I came home from church (cooked the dish before I left the house) and he was telling me how abso*******lutely awesome it was, hahahahaha.

So I sat down at the dining table, thrilled with anticipation while he served me my plate. He insisted I tear & dip the bread with my hands, hahahaha and that very first taste was foodorgasmic!

I can sell this thing man!


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4 thoughts on “Roti Canai”

    1. HAHAHAHA esther I definitely can’t throw the roti in he air like the pros do! Even if I managed to make the dough, the roti might be inedible in the end, LOL LOL. Might just have to cheat my customers with ready-made frozen roti, MUAHAHAHA! šŸ˜†


  1. Ehh, go try out first. Market survey- rent a stall in Freo, see how good the potato twister ppl are doing? hahahaha

    Anyway, randomly, I know this is very backdated but…YEA, digihari is such a cutie! I’m really considering, its just tat the price tag is a bit off ehh… and does TopShop do refunds? They should rite?


    1. Wahahaha I can’t really picture myself quitting my full time job to be a full time roti canai maker. šŸ˜› I’ll probably like it for the first 3 days only then rant about it non-stop afterwards :mrgreen:

      Omg digihari! You should save save save until the price tag is no longer a problem šŸ˜€

      Oh yes TopShop does do refunds. The first time I bought a lantern dress from them it was wayyyy too big although I followed the size chart so I shipped it back to them and got my refund =)


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