Halfway There

I was talking to this course-mate of mine yesterday during our 1-hour lunch break and she was saying how she wished she had had more fun before she settled down, got married, and had a baby. “It’s like your 20s are gone just like [snap fingers] that!” And it suddenly struck me that I’m already in my mid-20s now, but have I lived my life to the fullest so far?

You know, this may sound sad but yet so true, that I kinda picture myself living this current dull working lifestyle until I’m 28, probably get married then, have a kid when I’m 29, and when I’m 30, I’ll look back at my 20s and say the exact same thing as she did!

I’ve always wanted to and thought of traveling to many places but never acted upon them. It seems like my annual leave is always way too short for me. I’m either using them on my trip back to Miri or for my extra study leave. Plus I can’t just quit my job and go backpack around Europe or America because I need the money.

Having said that, I now really feel like I’m a slave for money. I work for money to pay off my debts and when my debts have been cleared, I’ll work for money to buy a house, then work for money to support the family, yada yada yada. It just never ends.

In a perfect world, I can pay off my debts by giving 1,000 hugs and I can buy a house by giving 10,000 hugs & 100 kisses on the cheeks.


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2nd Anniversary

It was a tiring day at work for me on Friday. Had to travel 47km up north to a client’s place to teach them how to use some accounting software!

– Edited due to fear of being dooced. –

We got back to the office after 3p.m. because the clients wouldn’t let us leave(!) and I was starving by then! Bought Macca’s for lunch on the way back and couldn’t wait to head upstairs and dig into my Angus burger but my taukeh nio stopped me from getting to my desk.

Taukeh nio: Jess, is today a special day?

Me: Errr…. no?

Taukeh nio: Is it your birthday today?

Me: No.

Taukeh nio: Is today your anniversary?

Me: Uh…. yeah it is.

Taukeh nio moves aside and reveals a bouquet of roses on my desk. Awwww…. =)

To think that just last week, I was arguing with Wing Kin as to why I think bought flowers are much more “valuable” than flowers he picks from the roadsides. He said that the thought is what matters the most. T_T

Sorry baby…

There was also a card attached to the bouquet. I opened it and it says,

Two years, two roses…

I have not forgotten:)

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Love! I love you. ♥

– Kin –

The rest is censored for your viewing, HAHAHA. I also thought he forgot about our anniversary 😦 Why is he so long mun one.

He made reservations for dinner at Red Cabbage, an award winning restaurant at 7:30 that night. Rather classy restaurant so we had to dress up, hehe. The service was excellent, the waitresses were very helpful & friendly. The food was really tasty and cooked to perfection (seriously). Loved it!

  1. Waiting lounge by the dining area. Couples can have some drinks here prior to eating.
  2. Oysters – natural with grilled lime for me.
  3. We had salmon spread thingy on mini toast as appetizers. Very yummy!
  4. Wing Kin’s entrée – seared king scallops. Gotta love scallops!
  5. My entrée – WA marron with avocado cream. Simply delicious!!!
  6. Some watermelon mint ice thingy between entrée and our mains. Very refreshing!
  7. Kin’s main – Roasted duck breast, wagyu beef with five seasons nuts? Lol. It was very delicious though – tasty and quite oriental.
  8. My main – Beef fillet with mushroom ravioli was it? Can’t remember.
  9. Side dishes – lettuce with bacon and cheese.

Was too full after dinner that our tummies had no room for desserts, hahahaha.

Thank you for everything last night baby. =) Here’s to 2 years and many more to come!


We’ve been quarreling a lot lately. In fact we just quarreled just then while cleaning the house. I seem easily paranoid these days which leaves him annoyed and I in return, feel very unappreciated. Me questioning is now equivalent to me nagging and interrogating – be it just a simple question out of concern or curiosity. It’s no longer a “I’m asking because I care” kind of thing to you anymore, is it? Am I getting under your skin so much lately?

Before I turn this supposedly-wishing-you-a-happy-anniversary-surprise post to a long, self-pity emo post, I want to tell you tolerance is something we can both learn to have.

Of course, we’re not only sharing the bad times. I do know the good times we have together – you waiting outside my office in the cold for me to finish work so we could walk home together, you cooking me dinner when I am sick or feeling lazy, you doing the laundry and washing which you despise =), and you remembering to hold and whisper to me that you love me when I’m half asleep.

I, like any other girl on this planet, just hope the bad times will not one day, overwhelm our good times.

You know I still love you.

Photoshoot: Sleeping in Solitude

Had a photoshoot with some friends on Sunday – blazing hot day with cloudless skies! Not a good day for outdoor shots but at least we have good lighting indoors.

We shot at 5 different locations from 11:30a.m. till 6:30p.m., including make-up, styling, and driving from location to location. We had 2 models for the day – Shu Qing & Gabriel, both were fun to work with. It’s my second time working with Qing and my first with Gabriel. I feel quite bad for not giving Gabriel much instructions for posing that day because I don’t know how!

We had a couple of themes that day but I’m posting a few shots from “Sleeping in Solitude” first.

Many thanks to the models and my little helper, Fi =)

I Heart Victoria’s Secret

You know what’s funny? I’ve always thought that my puberty was terbantut because every guy in my class or guys that I know teased me about the size of my boobs. Someone even spread a rumor back in secondary school days that I actually stuff tissue in my bra to make my boobs look fuller -_- but let’s not go there. Btw it’s not true okay!

Anyway, like I said, I’ve always thought my boobs were retarded because they stopped growing after a while and they were nowhere near the size of my mumsy’s bosom. And I was stupid enough to wear oversized bras to sleep at night in hope of them growing into the cup size while I’m sleeping wtf. Eventually, I gave up and accepted my fate, hahahahaha. At least I’m blessed with a fleshy ass, HA!

But my love for sexy lingerie never died, lol. I fell in love with my mum’s black lace bra when I first set eyes on them. They reminded me of the ones Julia Roberts wore in “Pretty Woman”. My mum let me wear them for my aunt’s wedding dinner one night but it didn’t fit me at all, I was way too small hahahaha. So unfair! I love sexy lace bra but why can’t I wear one?!

Since I couldn’t wear any lace bra, I could only make do with other bras – cotton bra, sports bra, t-shirt bra, you name it. I bought and wore so many different brands of bras and believe it or not, I never had a favorite. Triumph and Kayser bras gave me flesh cuts. I wore my strapless Kayser bra to my graduation last year and it was unbearably painful I had to take it off once I stepped out of the hall and hid the bra in my handbag wtf, HAHAHAHA. When I got home and checked, I had a big bruise/blood clot in between my boobs T_T

Triumph and Wacoal bras don’t really last – the wires usually stick out at the sides after 1 year. Triumph bras don’t give me good side support as well. Plus it’s seriously overpriced in Malaysia! You can actually get a Triumph Maximiser bra for only $10 here in K-Mart. Didn’t get one though after trying ‘cos the paddings were ridiculously thick I’d be cheating if I wore them, lol! Elle McPherson was the one I least complained about. Love their romantic range with frills and satin. They weren’t really fitting for me though. I have a feeling I’ve had numerous unknown nip-slips when I bend down -_-

My point is, I was never satisfied with any of the bras that I bought or wore, and I thought that was normal because I wasn’t born with “normal” breasts. Not until I came across this post one day and decided to give Victoria’s Secret a try. VS is famous for their lingerie, I know that. I just don’t know whether they’d fit me or not considering my boobs are next to nothing if compared with angmoh girls’. She triggered the itch in me and so I browsed VS’s website that entire night and placed an order for an obscene amount of money hahaha. But it was worth it. You’ll see.

I just got my package today – a week later than scheduled because the postman only sent me a final notice yesterday but there were no prior notices?! Anyhow I was SO anxious to open my package I headed home during lunchtime just so I could try them on, hahaha!!!

Victoria's Secret

I had to take this photo first before opening the plastic bags like a crazy woman.

First thing I tried on was their lace demi bra – as recommended by creativebitchin, and I fell in love with it instantly! It’s an unlined bra but fits so much better than all the other bras that I wear. Unpadded but gives you a firm lift and a nice shape. I like the fact that it’s unpadded because it feels more natural when I touch it, HAHAHA. /coughs

It’s also super, super comfy why is that!! I can finally wear a sexy lace bra without looking like a 10-year-old in her mother’s bra. /teary eyes

I feel like I’ve been wearing all the wrong bras my entire life -_- Doubt if I’ll ever buy any other brand besides VS from now on.

In an extremely good mood now because I’m happy when my boobs are happy =D

Racing with Time

I just finished my assignment last night after a whole week of intensive reading & re-reading of Standards and cracking of my head. And just when I slowed down to take a deep breath, instead of feeling a sense of relief, I was thrown insult in my face.

My final focus session is due in 3 weeks and instead of a 1-month interval between the final focus session and the exam, I only have 2 weeks! @#&*$^(!(@#&)%

It just sucks to be me. Really. I have so much to do, and so little time! I will pray really, really, really hard for this one because if I pass this unit, I can happily enjoy my Christmas holiday and my 5-months break from Jan to May next year. Perhaps then will be the time for a little vacation yeah?

Morning Walks

Morning Walk

I’m loving my new morning walks to the office nowadays. Picked up the walking routine a couple of weeks back now that the sun is out again. I enjoy the quiet streets, the chirping birds, the beautiful gardens, and the white picket fences.

I cycled to work after lunch today. You have a bicycle? Yes, I do, haha. Bought Wing Kin a bicycle as his birthday present and I bought myself one as well just so we can go cycling together when we feel like it =)

The first time we cycled with our new bikes, we headed to the Claremont Jetty and we saw dolphins in the river!! It was my first time seeing dolphins swimming freely in the waters as I’ve only seen trained ones in theme parks before this. It was soooo cute and I went aww…… right away 😳

It has also been a while since Kin and I went out to pakto so we went to watch ‘Inglorious Basterds’ by Quentin Tarantino last Friday night with the free tickets my colleague gave me. We enjoyed it a lot and I’ve always been a fan of Quentin’s masterpieces. The only unpleasant experience we had while watching the movie was having someone farting behind us. Twice! 🙄 When the movie finished, we were anxious to see who were sitting behind us. Turned out there were 2 young boys and an elderly couple. Kin thinks it should’ve been the old man and maybe he’s a little too old to control his farts. -_-

Bosses are away for a holiday to Hong Kong for the next 2 weeks. My assignment is due next Monday so that means I only have 2 more days & 5 more nights to complete it. That includes tonight. I’ve only just written a brief answer for question 1. Still 6 more questions to go. I wish I were awesome enough to say, “I can nail this easily!” I am so treating myself something good once this unit is over!

Bayi’s 24th

It’s bayi’s birthday today!! Happy birthday baby! 🙂


We had a BBQ at Meng’s last night as an early celebration. Invited a couple of friends over for a short get-together. It was great seeing everyone again but the weather was very chilly last night, brrrr…… The first thing I asked when I saw Cheok Pei was, “Why is your hair so long? Why didn’t you go for a haircut?” HAHAHAHA. And they said I’m such a Miss-Lee 😦

I was so hungry already by then, and also dead tired after a long day attending classes. The best thing was I didn’t have to cook, the guys did all the cooking, muahahaha. I basically just sat there, drank my lemon tea and shared some cold jokes with others to which Vivien cruelly replied, “It’s funny meh? It’s not funny at all loh…” 😥 Continue reading Bayi’s 24th