Morning Walks

Morning Walk

I’m loving my new morning walks to the office nowadays. Picked up the walking routine a couple of weeks back now that the sun is out again. I enjoy the quiet streets, the chirping birds, the beautiful gardens, and the white picket fences.

I cycled to work after lunch today. You have a bicycle? Yes, I do, haha. Bought Wing Kin a bicycle as his birthday present and I bought myself one as well just so we can go cycling together when we feel like it =)

The first time we cycled with our new bikes, we headed to the Claremont Jetty and we saw dolphins in the river!! It was my first time seeing dolphins swimming freely in the waters as I’ve only seen trained ones in theme parks before this. It was soooo cute and I went aww…… right away 😳

It has also been a while since Kin and I went out to pakto so we went to watch ‘Inglorious Basterds’ by Quentin Tarantino last Friday night with the free tickets my colleague gave me. We enjoyed it a lot and I’ve always been a fan of Quentin’s masterpieces. The only unpleasant experience we had while watching the movie was having someone farting behind us. Twice! 🙄 When the movie finished, we were anxious to see who were sitting behind us. Turned out there were 2 young boys and an elderly couple. Kin thinks it should’ve been the old man and maybe he’s a little too old to control his farts. -_-

Bosses are away for a holiday to Hong Kong for the next 2 weeks. My assignment is due next Monday so that means I only have 2 more days & 5 more nights to complete it. That includes tonight. I’ve only just written a brief answer for question 1. Still 6 more questions to go. I wish I were awesome enough to say, “I can nail this easily!” I am so treating myself something good once this unit is over!


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