I Heart Victoria’s Secret

You know what’s funny? I’ve always thought that my puberty was terbantut because every guy in my class or guys that I know teased me about the size of my boobs. Someone even spread a rumor back in secondary school days that I actually stuff tissue in my bra to make my boobs look fuller -_- but let’s not go there. Btw it’s not true okay!

Anyway, like I said, I’ve always thought my boobs were retarded because they stopped growing after a while and they were nowhere near the size of my mumsy’s bosom. And I was stupid enough to wear oversized bras to sleep at night in hope of them growing into the cup size while I’m sleeping wtf. Eventually, I gave up and accepted my fate, hahahahaha. At least I’m blessed with a fleshy ass, HA!

But my love for sexy lingerie never died, lol. I fell in love with my mum’s black lace bra when I first set eyes on them. They reminded me of the ones Julia Roberts wore in “Pretty Woman”. My mum let me wear them for my aunt’s wedding dinner one night but it didn’t fit me at all, I was way too small hahahaha. So unfair! I love sexy lace bra but why can’t I wear one?!

Since I couldn’t wear any lace bra, I could only make do with other bras – cotton bra, sports bra, t-shirt bra, you name it. I bought and wore so many different brands of bras and believe it or not, I never had a favorite. Triumph and Kayser bras gave me flesh cuts. I wore my strapless Kayser bra to my graduation last year and it was unbearably painful I had to take it off once I stepped out of the hall and hid the bra in my handbag wtf, HAHAHAHA. When I got home and checked, I had a big bruise/blood clot in between my boobs T_T

Triumph and Wacoal bras don’t really last – the wires usually stick out at the sides after 1 year. Triumph bras don’t give me good side support as well. Plus it’s seriously overpriced in Malaysia! You can actually get a Triumph Maximiser bra for only $10 here in K-Mart. Didn’t get one though after trying ‘cos the paddings were ridiculously thick I’d be cheating if I wore them, lol! Elle McPherson was the one I least complained about. Love their romantic range with frills and satin. They weren’t really fitting for me though. I have a feeling I’ve had numerous unknown nip-slips when I bend down -_-

My point is, I was never satisfied with any of the bras that I bought or wore, and I thought that was normal because I wasn’t born with “normal” breasts. Not until I came across this post one day and decided to give Victoria’s Secret a try. VS is famous for their lingerie, I know that. I just don’t know whether they’d fit me or not considering my boobs are next to nothing if compared with angmoh girls’. She triggered the itch in me and so I browsed VS’s website that entire night and placed an order for an obscene amount of money hahaha. But it was worth it. You’ll see.

I just got my package today – a week later than scheduled because the postman only sent me a final notice yesterday but there were no prior notices?! Anyhow I was SO anxious to open my package I headed home during lunchtime just so I could try them on, hahaha!!!

Victoria's Secret

I had to take this photo first before opening the plastic bags like a crazy woman.

First thing I tried on was their lace demi bra – as recommended by creativebitchin, and I fell in love with it instantly! It’s an unlined bra but fits so much better than all the other bras that I wear. Unpadded but gives you a firm lift and a nice shape. I like the fact that it’s unpadded because it feels more natural when I touch it, HAHAHA. /coughs

It’s also super, super comfy why is that!! I can finally wear a sexy lace bra without looking like a 10-year-old in her mother’s bra. /teary eyes

I feel like I’ve been wearing all the wrong bras my entire life -_- Doubt if I’ll ever buy any other brand besides VS from now on.

In an extremely good mood now because I’m happy when my boobs are happy =D


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5 thoughts on “I Heart Victoria’s Secret”

  1. hahahah didn’t think some happy boob-inspired rambling on my blog could actually function as a VS ad and spur others into trying VS bras! but yeah no regrets making the decision to take the risk to try (despite worrying that it might just be good money down the drain – like you, i was apprehensive that they wouldn’t fit on an asian-sized me haha).

    but i think i was just getting quite desperate at that point because i was sick of xixili and fed-up at being told that “we don’t sell your size, miss”.

    anyway yeah, the lace demi bra’s amazing – i think it’s probably the stretch lace that makes it so comfy, and it’s probably the first bra i’ve bought that’s fit me so well. haha i’m glad you’ve also found a solution to your lingerie woes hahahahah.

    oh by the way, i also thought i was terbantut while growing up. didn’t help that i was practically flat as a board until i was 16, and even then i was so skinny what i had only chest was laughably insubstantial. i think i only grew boobs when i got to uni… and they turned out rather oddly-sized… -_-“


    1. Oh hellooo~ You mustn’t be paiseh about that post because that post helped me realize what I really need is a VS bra to make my bra-wearing-life less miserable, lol lol!

      Eh flat as a board, I think I still am, with a little bit of a bump HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I have a few happy days every month though – prior to my period they tend to swell a bit. But having that mixed with my grumpiness & mood swings – not that good after all. 🙄


  2. correction: what chest i had was laughably insubstantial*

    sorry for emphasizing a rather salah line, but the grammar nazi in me refuses to rest easy should i not make the effort to correct my typo.


  3. lol..lol…
    I just wanted to say that i really never thought it was that difficult to have small boobs. in fact, growing up I was always wishing for smaller boobs or no boobs at all 😦 hahah
    Not that mine are super big..but dunno..maybe coz I dont knw how to take care of them.

    Glad u found smtg to take care of those sisters. No matter how small or big or watever, they deserve some TLC and recognition..So im glad they found it!:)



    1. Hahahah! I think small boobs have to worry about filling in the cups, LOL LOL. But honestly, I don’t really take care of them as well. I have better things to do with my time! But at least I found something lovely for them 😛


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