We’ve been quarreling a lot lately. In fact we just quarreled just then while cleaning the house. I seem easily paranoid these days which leaves him annoyed and I in return, feel very unappreciated. Me questioning is now equivalent to me nagging and interrogating – be it just a simple question out of concern or curiosity. It’s no longer a “I’m asking because I care” kind of thing to you anymore, is it? Am I getting under your skin so much lately?

Before I turn this supposedly-wishing-you-a-happy-anniversary-surprise post to a long, self-pity emo post, I want to tell you tolerance is something we can both learn to have.

Of course, we’re not only sharing the bad times. I do know the good times we have together – you waiting outside my office in the cold for me to finish work so we could walk home together, you cooking me dinner when I am sick or feeling lazy, you doing the laundry and washing which you despise =), and you remembering to hold and whisper to me that you love me when I’m half asleep.

I, like any other girl on this planet, just hope the bad times will not one day, overwhelm our good times.

You know I still love you.

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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

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