2nd Anniversary

It was a tiring day at work for me on Friday. Had to travel 47km up north to a client’s place to teach them how to use some accounting software!

– Edited due to fear of being dooced. –

We got back to the office after 3p.m. because the clients wouldn’t let us leave(!) and I was starving by then! Bought Macca’s for lunch on the way back and couldn’t wait to head upstairs and dig into my Angus burger but my taukeh nio stopped me from getting to my desk.

Taukeh nio: Jess, is today a special day?

Me: Errr…. no?

Taukeh nio: Is it your birthday today?

Me: No.

Taukeh nio: Is today your anniversary?

Me: Uh…. yeah it is.

Taukeh nio moves aside and reveals a bouquet of roses on my desk. Awwww…. =)

To think that just last week, I was arguing with Wing Kin as to why I think bought flowers are much more “valuable” than flowers he picks from the roadsides. He said that the thought is what matters the most. T_T

Sorry baby…

There was also a card attached to the bouquet. I opened it and it says,

Two years, two roses…

I have not forgotten:)

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Love! I love you. ♥

– Kin –

The rest is censored for your viewing, HAHAHA. I also thought he forgot about our anniversary 😦 Why is he so long mun one.

He made reservations for dinner at Red Cabbage, an award winning restaurant at 7:30 that night. Rather classy restaurant so we had to dress up, hehe. The service was excellent, the waitresses were very helpful & friendly. The food was really tasty and cooked to perfection (seriously). Loved it!

  1. Waiting lounge by the dining area. Couples can have some drinks here prior to eating.
  2. Oysters – natural with grilled lime for me.
  3. We had salmon spread thingy on mini toast as appetizers. Very yummy!
  4. Wing Kin’s entrée – seared king scallops. Gotta love scallops!
  5. My entrée – WA marron with avocado cream. Simply delicious!!!
  6. Some watermelon mint ice thingy between entrée and our mains. Very refreshing!
  7. Kin’s main – Roasted duck breast, wagyu beef with five seasons nuts? Lol. It was very delicious though – tasty and quite oriental.
  8. My main – Beef fillet with mushroom ravioli was it? Can’t remember.
  9. Side dishes – lettuce with bacon and cheese.

Was too full after dinner that our tummies had no room for desserts, hahahaha.

Thank you for everything last night baby. =) Here’s to 2 years and many more to come!

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