Halfway There

I was talking to this course-mate of mine yesterday during our 1-hour lunch break and she was saying how she wished she had had more fun before she settled down, got married, and had a baby. “It’s like your 20s are gone just like [snap fingers] that!” And it suddenly struck me that I’m already in my mid-20s now, but have I lived my life to the fullest so far?

You know, this may sound sad but yet so true, that I kinda picture myself living this current dull working lifestyle until I’m 28, probably get married then, have a kid when I’m 29, and when I’m 30, I’ll look back at my 20s and say the exact same thing as she did!

I’ve always wanted to and thought of traveling to many places but never acted upon them. It seems like my annual leave is always way too short for me. I’m either using them on my trip back to Miri or for my extra study leave. Plus I can’t just quit my job and go backpack around Europe or America because I need the money.

Having said that, I now really feel like I’m a slave for money. I work for money to pay off my debts and when my debts have been cleared, I’ll work for money to buy a house, then work for money to support the family, yada yada yada. It just never ends.

In a perfect world, I can pay off my debts by giving 1,000 hugs and I can buy a house by giving 10,000 hugs & 100 kisses on the cheeks.


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

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