The Bulldog Ad

I was just browsing through some pets ads on Gumtree during my short revision break and I came across the bulldog ad below.

Poor woman victimized by a prank to be classified as a BULLDOG for sale on the internet.

For $500!

I’m guessing she must have upset someone REAL BAD.


Published by

Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “The Bulldog Ad”

  1. OMG JESS that’s the cutest baby slippers i’ve ever seen 🙂 do you make them on request? i would like to purchase one for a friend’s baby!


    1. Awww.. thanks!! Yes we do actually. Me & my friend started a knitting online thingy at hahahaha… You can check it out there! It’s AUD$15 for a pair (excluding postage) and we do international shipping, but you’ll have to pay for the postage which we can check for you in advance! We allow customization of colors & buttons as well, hehehehe. Let me know if you’re still interested! 😉


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