For the Little One

For my newborn baby cousin =) Can’t wait to see her in 2 weeks’ time!

I upgraded my baggage size from 15kg to 25kg for my flight from KL to Perth because an old friend, Stephanie warned me about the impact of a crazy shopping frenzy in KL, hahahaha! I’d rather pay for extra baggage now than to pay for penalty charged per kg at the check-in counter!

Gonna be home in exactly 11 more days! That is SO SOON! I’m totally on a holiday mood now hahahaha. Gonna have our Christmas dinner (or was it lunch) tomorrow and holiday will start next Friday! Yippee! My mom said I should’ve booked my tickets earlier so I wouldn’t miss out on a few dinners & gatherings – my cousin’s 满月 dinner & 冻节 gathering for tong-yuen!


OMG I just witnessed a car chase from my window!!! Some car was speeding and 4-5 police cars were chasing it at full speed. Damn kintio and FF. Fast & Furious, get it? 😆 Some Indian guy saw the scene as well and is now “reporting” to someone on his cellphone. There’s also this other girl screaming in excitement at the other side of the road wtf, lol. So happening one!

Okay, time for me to go fold the mountain of clothes in the bedroom. My living place had been in such a mess since my revision week and I don’t know how much longer can I stand tip-toeing my way to the wardrobe to pick my clothes for the day anymore, hahahahaha. Ciao!


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Jessica Blaise S

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