Christmas Pressie

Lookie lookie at what I got from my bosses this year – an iPod Nano!! So apparently my bosses think I’ve been a good girl this year so I get to receive a gift in my Christmas stockings 😛 Thank you bosses! Let’s pray that I will start to like my job in this coming new year… Ho ho ho!

Why pink? My boss figured since I have a pink cell phone, I wouldn’t mind having a pink iPod, hahaha. True that. Don’t mind it actually ‘cos the color’s very vibrant and sui! It has a lot more features compared to the first iPod I bought too. This one can record videos, stream radio (which you can pause & play) and has 8GB capacity. It’s soooo slim that Fi & I were so afraid we’d drop it in between the planks of the jetty while fishing last night.

Oh and 8 more days then I’ll be home. Totally sexxxxxcited! Mama I’m coming home for your love~


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

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