Hewwo from Miri

Ahoy! How is everybody? In case you do not know, I’m back in Miri now hehehehe. Been back since Monday so this my *counts 1, 2, 3…* oh my 4th day in Miri already! Loving it so far – not having to worry about work at all! What  a blessing!

I flew with RBA on Monday morning and while I was checking in at the counter, a lady offered me to fly 2 days later on Wednesday and that they’d let me fly with business class and compensate me with $150! I rejected her offer lah, ‘cos I know for sure my mum would be yelling at me over the phone for being so stupid. All because she wants to see me as soon as possible. Awww…… Oh, and the reason why they wanted me to fly 2 days later was because the flight was fully booked. After I got my boarding pass, I didn’t even notice that I was seated at the 2nd last row of the plane! Major T_T

But the flight itself was okay, in spite of a seriously-damn-full plane. Guess it’s always better to have a full plane during a daytime flight compared to a nighttime one. It just feels less creepy. I tend to link nighttime full planes to plane crashes more in my mind. Yikes!

SO. What have I been doing besides eating? Visiting my newborn baby cousin, aunts, uncles & grandma. Those baby Mary Janes fit! I was quite afraid that they’d be too small for her. Luckily they fit her tiny feet. We’re gonna have a big dinner at home tomorrow night, having all my mum’s relatives over to have an early birthday celebration for my brother. He has been trying to annoy me non-stop since I arrived. I have no idea WHY but I guess he just craves for my attention hence the annoying attitude. -_-

Okay, I have to go now. The brother is chanting for me to leave the room so he can use the computer. -_- Bai!


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