Australia Day 2010

So we and a couple of friends celebrated Australia Day together yesterday. It’s always awesome to wake up to a public holiday! I got to sleep in till 10:30 a.m. 😛

Woke up, did some cleaning around the house then prepared some sandwiches for the arvo picnic at Matilda Bay.

We parked at my boss’ house to avoid the post-skyworks show traffic jam. Had to do a little bit of walking though but it’s good to keep the spare tyre away 😉

Basically, we arrived early to grab a good spot (1. shade – check! 2. good view – check!), have a little picnic by ourselves – plenty of sandwiches, chips, bananas & juice.

We girls occupied ourselves with knitting & crocheting HAHAHA!! Yes, KNITTING & CROCHETING IN THE PUBLIC. Who knows someone gets interested in our work and wants to buy some on the spot right?!?!

The guys were mucking around and playing Vivien’s DS.

I have noooo idea how the time passed by so quickly after the first half an hour ‘cos before I know it, it was 30 minutes before the skyworks show already! Gee!

The show was pretty but not VEEERRY impressive for us because we only caught the side view of it and the fireworks seem a bit tiny because of the distance. 😦 The next time I’m celebrating Australia Day here again, I’d go to the foreshore. But that means getting there even EARLIER and traffic jam all the way back home. But maybe it’ll be worth the wait.

Alright, enough of the talking and enjoy the rest of the 2,192,437,568 photos!!!!!! You’ve been warned.

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Fragile Life

I really wanted to write something meaningful tonight about how fragile life is, but I couldn’t put my thoughts into words.

It could be over before you even know it for all I know and you wouldn’t even see it coming. And it scares me. It scares me when I know there is nothing we can do, but pray.

We are praying for a miracle for you. Please continue to stay strong.

Color Me Red

New found love – red.








All that can be painted with red.

Jus Burgers

A random post because I have nothing better to talk about 😆

Joined some friends for dinner at Jus Burgers last Tuesday (the day I got back to Perth).

Pretty cool place with graffiti-ed walls and cool waitresses with retro bangs, haha!

Say hello to girlie Vivien, retarded Meng, possessed Kin and high-on-pills Simon.

They have some pretty awesome burgers. Too big for me to finish by myself though. Plus I need to get rid of the “growth” on my tummy else I’m gonna have to give it a name sometime soon. How about Rowan? (inside joke with Fi muahahahahaha)

Alas, a group piccie!

*Cough* I told you this was a random post. 😀

Got Milk?

The other night as I was showering, it suddenly occurred to me that the milk in the fridge had just expired. And immediately, I thought of my ex-housemate who used to cleanse her face with just-expired milk (like on the expiry date itself or the next day) and her telling us how smooth her face was each time after this beauty regime.

So, out of curiosity, I decided to give it a try as well. Not really knowing what I was gonna get but I was being pretty positive about it – telling Wing Kin how smooth and supple my face will be afterwards, lol. So we took the milk out of the fridge and I was all set & ready to do it.

Just then, Kin laughed and said, “It’s gonna be COLD.” Shit. It is! Since I just took it out of the fridge. -_- But I couldn’t back down. Man, I WANTED to do it, right there and then!

So yeah, I got him to pour the friggin’ cold milk into my hands then I splashed it onto my face. That bloody cold liquid on my face, argh! But I thought to myself, I’ll have a smooth skin, I’ll have a smooth skin, I’ll have a smooth skin.

After several repetitions, I was done and happy as can be! I was all, “Oh bii, it feels sooo smooth! Seriously! Feel it! Mmmm…….”

Well, that did it! He rolled his eyes and walked to the basin, wanting to try as well, hahahahahaha.

Minutes later, he was resting on the bed and suddenly yelled out, “EEE!! MY FACE STINKS!!!!”


Shit. The milk HAS expired after all. That must leave a certain “scent” on your face afterwards, HAHAHAHA.

Miri/KL Trip

Konnichiwa! I’m back in Perth. Back since yesterday. Can’t believe my 2 weeks holiday is officially over! I’m back at the office today. I know. So rajin right? But in fact, I’m the “worst” one among the bunch. My colleagues and my BOSSES started working 2 days ago, hahaha.

Anyway, I have like a gazillion photos in my camera but it’s impossible for me to post every single photo and put a caption to it so I just combined some photos that pretty much sum up what I did back in Miri & KL. I might have missed out some photos (such as photos of my roasted duck rice) but don’t complain ‘cos I’ve already so many photos of other food!

The irresistible Malaysian food. It’s these food that made my body so hot (temperature kind of hot though you can call me hawt also HAHAHA wtf) that I fell sick T_T Continue reading Miri/KL Trip

I’ll Miss Miri Once Again

Can’t believe I’ve been back in Miri for 11 days already. Gonna leave home again tomorrow evening but I felt like I’ve only just arrived a couple of days ago. I’m gonna miss Miri once again, much more this time.

I’m down with a flu, and a slight fever this afternoon. I hate to be sick at this time (think of all the shopping walking I’ll have to do while in KL!) but I can’t blame anyone but myself because I’ve been stuffing myself silly with all those tempting Miri food.

I think I’ve had almost EVERYTHING you’re supposed to eat while in Miri, except nasi lemak. I shall save that for the next time. Not really a big fan of it anyway.

So yeah, my body temperature went up so high I was constantly complaining about the heat and the mosquitoes wouldn’t quit biting me 😦 After 7 victorious days without getting sick (I always, always, always fall sick within the first few days after I arrive in Miri), I finally fell ill.

I’ve made my mum very happy during this trip because I hardly left home and I know she loves it when I’m homey, hahahahahaha. Plus I got her to sayang me because of the finger incident, awwwww……

And I noticed that my sister is such a good little helper around the house nowadays. She does the girlie chores like laundry, cooking, baking & feeding the dog, haha. She is such a good baker I tell ya! She made a birthday cake for my brother the other night and everyone loves it. Honestly, when I was her age, I totally hated, HATED doing house chores. I’m like, the laziest girl you can ever meet, hahahaha. I did the chores because I was FORCED to and my aunts used to lecture me a lot if I didn’t help out around the house, lol. But my sister’s different. She does them willingly most of the time. *Sayang*

My brother? Um, just picture a 5-year-old boy stuck in a 21-year-old grown up’s body. Fullstop.

I met up with some ex-classmates & schoolmates. It was good seeing all of them once again, hehe. Johnny said I haven’t changed at all. Same look, same hair. And he referred to me as Michael’s “jiu cai” -_- Hmph!

  • Adey, you make me laugh soooo much I would like to keep you as my pet, lol! Next time don’t bring me holan on the road again!
  • Regina, sorry I so boh sim only contacted you after a few days *runs away scared* but I’m sooo happy so see you again, hehehehe. You’re always so gentle with me I feel so chu lu sitting next to you HAHAHAHA 😛
  • Chia Yei, it was nice meeting up again girl! You’re hot as usual. Hope you’ll have a wonderful time with Leonard when he comes over and when you’re in Sg. 🙂
  • Ru Hui!!! Haven’t seen you for aaaaages so glad you came out to meet up that night. Good luck in your internship and hopefully see you in Aus some time?
  • Teck Lim, thank you for picking me up and sending me home, hahahaha. Good luck in your work and hope you’ll find “someone” soon yeah? 😉
  • Siew Fah, nice seeing you again. Hope your trips to Taiwan & Europe will be successful and oh boy, I do hope Adeline will be a good tour guide because I kinda doubt her direction guides! Hint hint!
  • Johnny, take good care of your girl and be a good boy 😉

Also met up with lots of relatives and all of them berebut-rebut to chia me eat. How bahagia, right? I don’t know if i gained any weight or not. I probably did. But lost them when I got sick.

I actually wanted to cut my hair real short like Sammi’s new hairstyle for her concert and color it. But I have a fringe and so it wouldn’t be suitable. Plus I don’t wanna go through the trouble of having dark roots that don’t match the rest of my hair so yeah… I am so not adventurous! 😦

Yawns. Guess it’s time for me to hit the sack now. Tomorrow’s gonna be my last day in Miri for this trip. Man, I miss Miri already 😦

New Year’s Resolution – Looking Good

I know it’s a little too late to write this but I guess being late is better than never, hahahahaha. Well I don’t have a whole list of New Year’s resolution for 2010. I’ve only decided to write this post because I was talking to twinny and she was telling me that her New Year’s resolution is “To look my best everyday. No more sloppy Doris”. And I thought, I should totally do that too!

I have been sooooo slack the past two years I hardly even try to look good anymore. I wake up 15 minutes before work everyday, same look in the office almost every week and it gets worse when I’m at home, especially during the weekends!

I wouldn’t blame Wing Kin if he doesn’t check me out in the morning and tell me I look beautiful anymore, ‘cos even I find myself very sloppy-looking nowadays 😦 And even as I speak type, I notice that I’m in my Paul Frank PJs, my hair in a messy bun, looking sloppier than ever! But I can be excused today because I’m actually down with a flu 😦 The aftermath of swallowing TOO much Mirian food for the past 1 week, haha.

So yes, I should start taking good care of myself. I’m turning 25 soon, not 18 anymore, sounds like it’s a good time to start using anti-aging product. After all, I’m not born with the perfect skin – pimples & blackheads still linger like a bad breath. I know I have to work hard to have good skin.

I have to moisturize my skin as often as I can. I stopped my lotion-after-shower regime after I started working and that is just BAD.

I also have to make sure that I smell good at all times. Nothing beats the sweet scent of a woman.

I know I’m the most lazy when it comes to hair treatment but I should attempt a hair mask DIY at home at least once a month?

The wardrobe? I cleared out some clothes before I left Perth last week. Reason 1: My wardrobe simply can’t fit so much clothes I’m afraid the clothes rail’s gonna break on me anytime (I have a lot of clothes but I wear the same ones all the time -_-). Reason 2: Chinese saying “if the old ones don’t go, the new ones don’t come”. JENG JENG JENG!

So yeah, it’s time to look my best and not get sloppy anymore. After all, I’m only 24 and if I’m already like an ah mu, how will my partner continue to find me attractive? (I think he already doesn’t T_T)

It’s time to attract some more male attention so it’ll boost my self esteem and make men treasure me more hahahahahahahaha /vain mode on.

Thank you Doris. You are an inspiration 😉

A Disgusting Entry

So, besides eating & meeting up with relatives & vandalizing the toilet wall, I’ve also been helping my mum a little with the house chores – nothing major but just a little dish washing and cooking.

Well, just 2 days ago, I finished lunch like usual and wanted to wash the dishes in the sink. I wanted to wash the glass cups first ‘cos they’re the least oily and well my aunt taught me when I was little that we are to wash dishes from the least to the most oily ones. So I dabbed the sponge in detergent, took the glass, put my sponge in and swirled. I don’t know what happened in that millisecond but I suppose the glass broke (because it was cracked already and I didn’t know. More on that later!) and it cut my right pinkie rather badly (I’d say it’s bad ‘cos I’ve never had such a bad cut before :cry:).

Of course, I screamed for my mum immediately and by then my finger was already bleeding profusely! Damn kintio okay. I thought the whole piece of skin/meat was gonna come off WTF ‘cos I pressed it so hard and when I let go it kinda got stuck to my other finger T_T

Turned out my bro has this habit of throwing dishes to the basin whenever he finishes his meal so his plate must’ve knocked the glass in the basin and caused it to crack, but I couldn’t see the crack because I was without my glasses damn soi okay T_T.

I whimpered for sympathy the whole day (AND the following day) ‘cos I’m manja like that, HAHAHAHA. I shall also post a photo of it but BEAR IN MIND THAT IT IS NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED!!!











Okay, it doesn’t look as gross here ‘cos I kinda cleaned the wound up already but I actually felt dizzy and wanted to puke the first 2 times that I bandaged it. Had this beeping noise in my ears and I just felt like throwing up so bad and my sight was blacking out so I had to lie down and think about “peaceful ocean, peaceful ocean, peaceful ocean, peaceful ocean…”

I’ve been showering with 1 hand and brushing my teeth with my left hand for 2 days now how awesome is that!

Vandalizing the Toilet Wall

I was getting so bored the 2nd day I arrived in Miri I decided to doodle on the toilet wall now that my brother’s painted it pink! I got my sister to hand me a pencil and an eraser and started sketching…

TADA! Done with sketching in less than 5 minutes and painted it white.

I’m sorry but that really looks like water drops on a nenen. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Initially wanted to paint the hair black and add more colors but we only had pink, white & some ugly brown or beige haih. It doesn’t look too bad I guess, hehe.

The funny thing after drawing this is, it looks more like the wall has been vandalized rather than being “enhanced”. -_-