A Disgusting Entry

So, besides eating & meeting up with relatives & vandalizing the toilet wall, I’ve also been helping my mum a little with the house chores – nothing major but just a little dish washing and cooking.

Well, just 2 days ago, I finished lunch like usual and wanted to wash the dishes in the sink. I wanted to wash the glass cups first ‘cos they’re the least oily and well my aunt taught me when I was little that we are to wash dishes from the least to the most oily ones. So I dabbed the sponge in detergent, took the glass, put my sponge in and swirled. I don’t know what happened in that millisecond but I suppose the glass broke (because it was cracked already and I didn’t know. More on that later!) and it cut my right pinkie rather badly (I’d say it’s bad ‘cos I’ve never had such a bad cut before :cry:).

Of course, I screamed for my mum immediately and by then my finger was already bleeding profusely! Damn kintio okay. I thought the whole piece of skin/meat was gonna come off WTF ‘cos I pressed it so hard and when I let go it kinda got stuck to my other finger T_T

Turned out my bro has this habit of throwing dishes to the basin whenever he finishes his meal so his plate must’ve knocked the glass in the basin and caused it to crack, but I couldn’t see the crack because I was without my glasses damn soi okay T_T.

I whimpered for sympathy the whole day (AND the following day) ‘cos I’m manja like that, HAHAHAHA. I shall also post a photo of it but BEAR IN MIND THAT IT IS NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED!!!











Okay, it doesn’t look as gross here ‘cos I kinda cleaned the wound up already but I actually felt dizzy and wanted to puke the first 2 times that I bandaged it. Had this beeping noise in my ears and I just felt like throwing up so bad and my sight was blacking out so I had to lie down and think about “peaceful ocean, peaceful ocean, peaceful ocean, peaceful ocean…”

I’ve been showering with 1 hand and brushing my teeth with my left hand for 2 days now how awesome is that!


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Jessica Blaise S

Interior decor & photography enthusiast.

3 thoughts on “A Disgusting Entry”

  1. hahaha……i had the exact same incident 2 years ago…and it was cz I cut myself while cutting the vegetables…but I went to the hospital..coz I felt dizzy and cold..hahahha and then the nurse look at it like I was a big baby…

    glad ur alright..
    kolian…sayang sayang!


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